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Digital Learning Parent Information

  •  Fall 2020

    On Wednesday August 12th, Lanier Middle School started the 2020-21 school year with all students engaged in Digital Learning.  After 2 weeeks of pure digital learning those students who chose a Face to Face learning environement, began to come back to the building starting with our 6th grade students.  A week later our 7th grade F2F studnets returned followed by our 8th grade F2F students a week after that. 

    Lanier Middle School was able to work out a schedule that kept our F2F class sizes as small as possible with a unique schedule that saw our Digital Learners follow a Digital Cohort schedule while our F2F learners ran their own parallel Cohort schedule.   

    Our faculty and staff is committed to the success of all our students, and we are looking forward to an exceptional and unique learning experience for all students. While we recognize that digital learning was imperfect to close out last year, we have been diligent in continuing to improve our structure, process, expectations, and practices over the summer, and these improvements will help us meet the academic as well as the social and emotional needs of our students. Undoubtedly, this school year will be different, but be assured that our teachers, faculty, and staff are committed to making it successful nonetheless. 


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