• Digital Learning Days Information

  • For the 2021-2022 school year, there are six planned Digital Learning Days (DLDs) scheduled throughout the year for teacher planning/staff development.

    • Tuesday, September 14
    • Wednesday, October 20
    • Tuesday, November 9
    • Tuesday, January 25
    • Wednesday, March 2
    • Tuesday, March 22

    On these days, all students will learn from home by completing assignments at their own pace. Teachers will have the day's assignments posted on their eCLASS page by 9:00 am on the Digital Learning Day.  Learning will be asynchronous, meaning students will not have live Zoom sessions. Students who are unable to complete assignments on these DLDs will be given the opportunity to complete assignments when they return to school.

    Note: The GCPS calendar for 2021-2022 does not include designated inclement weather make-up days. GCPS will make up any inclement weather days by using Digital Learning Days (DLDs) and/or extending the school day or year. For more information regarding inclement weather procedures, please visit the GCPS website.