Digital Learning
  • Is Your Child Ready?

    Password Issues:


    Issue: I can’t remember my password.

    Resolution: Student/parent must contact school personnel designated.

    Points of contact:

    1. Teacher

    2. Grade Level Clerk(if teacher is not known)

      1. 6th Grade(

      2. 7th Grade(

      3. 8th Grade(

    3. NOTES:

      1. After password reset, the student will be prompted to change their password the first time they log in.

      2. From 11:00 - 11:30am on Monday: The password may not be reset. Once school begins, the student’s teacher will be able to reset the student’s PW

    Issue: How do I log in after my password is reset?

    Resolution: User name is the student ID and Initial password is the student ID.

    Issue: I'm locked out!

    Resolution: Teacher can unlock/reset student password after 15 minutes.

    1. Students will be locked out for 15 minutes if they enter the wrong password more than five times.

    2. Once a student has been locked out of their account, the teacher can reset the password and unlock the student.

    3. Students can attempt to login again after 15 minutes.

    Quick tips:

    • Clearing Cache:

      • Clearing the browser cache can resolve login issues and other web related issues. Clear cache regularly (daily or weekly). For more information on clearing cache, perform a Google search for the browser you are using (i.e., How to clear cache in Chrome).

    • Need student schedule:

      • Click “My StudentVue” on the student portal.

      • If unable to login, contact school.

    • Receiving “IBM Security Access Manager Message” or strange login screen:

      • Set device language to be in English.

    • Application Issues:

      • Switching Web browsers can sometimes resolve problems. The Chrome browser works well with most GCPS web-based applications.

    • Google account issue:

      • Student is unable to access a web-based resource (i.e. Google Doc) within Chrome.

      • Resolution: If the student has personal and GCPS Google accounts, verify you are using the GCPS Google account and not your personal Google account. Google account can be accessed through portal G Suite for Education link.

    • Home Internet Test:

      • Test your home internet speed by going to the link below. If the speed test results are lower than the speed the Internet Service Provider (ISP) has agreed to, the parent should report the discrepancy to the ISP. Perform this test prior to the readiness test if possible.

  • Portal(MyeCLASS) - Logging In - Support

    Each student should know their username and password for the student portal.  Should a student have an issue logging in and lock themselves out of the portal please wait 15 minutes for the lock to reset. 

    After 15 minutes should you still have log in issues please refer to the help guides linked below and if issues persist, please contact your teacher via their email via the staff page on our website.

    Additional Helpful Documents:  

  • School Schedule And StudentVue

  • eCLASS - The NEW Student Portal- My StudentVue


  • eCLASS - My StudentVue Calendar


  • eCLASS - My StudentVue Gradebook

    Gradebook: Overview  


    Gradebook:  Detailed View


  • eClass - C&I Teacher Course Pages

    course layout


    See the Allow/Block Cookies by Default section of this document.

  • eCLASS - How to Use Your eClass C&I Course Page

    The Frequently Asked Questions below are furnished by Gwinnett County Public Schools and provide a general answer to each question.

    Please contact your teacher for specifics regarding their page and your specific assignments.

    GCPS Resources:

    CLICK HERE for more information regarding eCLASS from Gwinnett County Public Schools.

  • eCLASS on the Go!- The Pulse App


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