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Mobile Apps to Download

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    How to get on a Mobile Device

    You will have to go into settings to add your GCPS student gmail account.  Directions are linked above

    Please remember to update to the highest Chrome Browser. and update your device.

    Download these apps:  Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google Slides, and Google Docs

    *you may need to download other apps depending on your assignments.

  • As a reminder, our eCLASS provider D2L is used by K12 and higher education institutions across the country and throughout the world. We anticipate that we could experience some slowness in our tool as usage everywhere increases.

Tech Help Guides

  • Minimum Tech Requirements

    Older devices may not be able to load the programs needed for students to use eCLASS and Google Classroom.

    Device Options

    Tech Requirements

  • Digital Learning Days Assignments

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    All Digital Learning assignments are on your teacher's eCLASS course page or are linked to that page.  Should you need assistance locating these assignments please contact your teacher.  

    Students are familiar with eCLASS and should know the location of their teachers page and the activities.


    Parents and students who need a refresher course on how to access eCLASS C&I course pages can go to this web page for helpful resources and information.

    Todas las actividades de aprendizaje en línea se encuentran en eClass o vinculada a esta página. Si necesita ayuda para encontrar sus tareas favor de comunicarse con su maestra. 

    Los estudiantes están familiarizados con  eCLASS y deben conocer la ubicación de la página de su maestra y sus actividades.

    Instrucciones de como Encontrar a sus Maestras en la eCLASS


    Padres y estudiantes que necesiten actualizarse en como entrar a página de eCLASS C&I  pueden acceder a las siguientes páginas de internet como ayuda e información.

  • How to use your eCLASS C&I Course Page

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    Student eCLASS "How to" Instructions

    Instructions on How to Find a Teacher's eCLASS Page / Guía del estudiante para encontrar la página de los cursos

    Student Guide to Submitting Discussions / Guía del estudiante para publicar conversaciones

    Student Guide to Submitting Assignments / Guía del estudiante para subir archivos y tareas en formato de texto

    Creating a Video Note for Students / Guía del estudiante para crear notas de video

    Student Guide to Completing a Quiz / Guía del estudiante para contestar una prueba

    Student Guide to Using the Locker / Guía del estudiante para usar el casillero


    Please contact your teacher for specifics regarding their page and your specific assignments.

    Favor de comunicarse con su maestra para obtener los detalles específicos de su página y las tareas específicas. 

  • Student Login

    Student Login Image

    Each student should know their username and password for the student portal.  Should a student have an issue logging in and lock themselves out of the portal please wait 15 minutes for the lock to reset.  After 15 minutes if you still have log in issues, please contact your teacher.

    If the student does not remember his or her login credentials, please email your teacher for a password reset

    Once reset, use the student's ID number as username and password.

    Cada estudiante debe conocer su usuario y contraseña del portal de estudiante l.  Si un estudiante tuviera dificultad para iniciar su sesión y se bloquean de acceso al portal deben esperar 15 minutos para  que la página se restablece. Si después de los 15 minutos sigue teniendo problemas favor de contactarse con su maestra via correo electronico que usted tiene de  GCPS.

    Si el estudiante no recuerda sus credenciales de inicio de sesión, envíe un correo electrónico a su maestro.

    Despues que su maeatro restablece sus credenciales, poer favor de usar el número de identificación del estudiante como su usuario y contraseña.

  • Setting Up School Chromebooks at Home

    If your student checked out a Chromebook from our school, please follow these directions.

    1) Connect to home WiFi

    IMPORTANT - You must connect to your home WiFi network FIRST before logging in. View the help guide above for directions. 

    2) For Zoom to work correctly on Chromebooks, please follow these directions.

    Adding Zoom to School Chromebooks

  • Troubleshooting Personal Chromebooks

    If you are having trouble with a personal Chromebook, most likely you have conflicting Google accounts.

    Troubleshooting Personal Chromebooks Help Sheet

    If the chromebook is asking for a student email address, then one of the following three things is happening:

    1. The chromebook was not connected to the wifi at the time.

    2. The person attempting to log into the chromebook was clicking the "Sign in with a different account" link.  They SHOULD be clicking the blue button in the bottom right and from there it will go to the portal.

  • Changing Your Chrome Browser User

    Frequently a new user needs to be added to existing Chrome accounts so students can access their GCPS Google Classroom. Use the directions below to help guide you through this process.

    Changing Your Chrome Browser User (Handout)

    Changing Your Chrome Browser User (Video)

  • Google Classroom

    This year, many of our teachers will be using Google Classroom.  Please follow these steps for setting up your student's GCPS Google account for the first time.  Accessing Google Classroom


  • G Suite Google Account Troubleshooting

    G-Suite Image

    Please use a guest browser or log out of all other Google/Gmail accounts prior to logging in to your Student Portal, eCLASS or your GCPS G-Suite/Google account.  Should you be logged into another account you may not have access to the needed documents to complete your activities.

    Instead of requesting to edit a Google document, click File, then click Make a Copy.

    make a copy Image

    Click HERE for Instructions on how to Make a Copy.


    If your child is using a phone and needs to work on a Google Slide, please make sure you download the Google Slide App and Google Classroom App

    Should your teacher use Google Classroom in addition to eCLASS your teacher will need to invite you to join their class or provide you with a join code.  Please contact your teacher to recieve the invitation or the code.  Please note that not all teachers use Google Classroom.

    Favor de utilizar navegador amigable o cerrar todas las sesiones de las cuentas de Google/Gmail antes de entrar a la página del estudiante, , eCLASS o GCPS G-Suite/Google account.  Si estan en otras cuentas usted no tendrá acceso a completar los documentos y actividades.

    Haga click Aqui para cómo copiar de un archivo de google

    Si el estudiante está usando su telefono y necesita entrar a Google Slide,  Favor de asegurarse de bajar el App de Google Slide App and Google Classroom App.

    Si su maestra usa Google Classroom además de eCLASS, su maestro deberá invitarlo a unirse a su clase o proporcionarle un código de entrada. Póngase en contacto con su maestro para recibir la invitación o el código de entrada. Tenga en cuenta que no todos los maestros usan Google Classroom.

  • Zoom Meeting "How To" Instructions

    Zoom Icon Image

    Tip: Please make sure to download Zoom instead of trying to use the web browser.

    For Zoom Instructions in English and Spanish Click HERE

    Student Zoom Instructions

    For Zoom to work correctly on Chromebooks, please follow these directions.

    Adding Zoom to School Chromebooks

  • Free Tutoring at with a Gwinnett County Library Card!

    Free Tutoring at with a Gwinnett County Library Card!

  • Free Comcast Internet

    Comcast Image

    Free Internet for new customers for 60 days from Comcast

    Staying Connected During the Coronavirus Situation

    As the country deals with the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Comcast is taking immediate steps to help connect more low-income families to the Internet at home. Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, new Internet Essentials customers will receive two free months of Internet service. We are also increasing the speed of the program to 25 Mbps downloads, and 3 Mbps uploads for all new and existing customers.

    After your first two free months expire, you can either cancel the service (which you can do at any time) or keep it as a regular paying Internet Essentials customer. You will receive an easy to use self-install-kit that includes a cable modem (to receive service at your home) with a WiFi router (to connect your devices without wires). There is no term contract or credit check and no shipping fee for equipment.

    Comcast ofrece Internet gratis para nuevos clientes por 60 días

    Esté conectado durante la situación Coronavirus 

    A medida que el país trata los efectos del Coronavirus(COVID-19), Comcast está tomando medidas inmediatas para ayudar a conectar a más familias de bajos ingresos a la internet en casa.  A partir del lunes 16 de marzo de 2020, los nuevos clientes de Internet Essentials recibirán dos meses gratis de servicio de Internet. También estamos aumentando la velocidad del programa y descargas de 25 Mbps y cargas de 3 Mbps para todos los clientes nuevos y existentes.

    Después de que vencen sus primeros dos meses gratuitos, pueden cancelar el servicio (lo puede hacer en cualquier momento) o mantenerse como cliente regular de Internet Essentials pagando por su servicio, recibirá un kit de autoinstalación fácil de usar que incluye un módem de cable (para recibir servicio en su hogar) con un  roter WiFi (para conectar sus dispositivos sin cables). No hay contrato a término ni verificación de crédito ni cobro de envío por el equipo.

Having trouble logging into MyeCLASS?


    Are you a returning student?

    If you were a student with GCPS last school year and you forgot your login password, please contact your child's teacher to reset password.

    Are you a new GCPS student?

    If you are a new student to GCPS this school year, please CLICK HERE to follow the steps for activating your password.


    Should your child have an issue logging in and lock themselves out of the portal, please wait 15 minutes for the lock to reset.

Having issues with a GCPS provided Chromebook?