The Hopkins Family Engagement Plan/Promise (along with the other Title I Parent Engagement documents) are available in the FaCE Center and on the school website. There will be a dissemination of the plan during the October parent/teacher conferences. Paper copies will be available to send home at the parents request if they are unable to access it by other means. 


    It is reviewed and revised at least annually during the Planning Meeting in the spring. All feedback forms from the Planning Meeting are submitted to the Office of Federal Programs for review. Families who are not able to attend the Planning Meeting have the opportunity to review draft documents and provide input during the draft document review period. 


    Hopkins Elementary makes a conscious effort to communicate with our families regularly, in a variety of methods and in family-friendly language. We use email, our website, eClass, Facebook, student agendas, flyers/handouts, newsletters, Class Dojo, phone calls, school marquee, bulletin boards and notes to communicate with our families We try (to the best of our ability) to translate communication in Spanish (our majority language spoken) also using family-friendly language. 
    Parents are asked to first send a note or email the child's teacher if they are in need of a meeting with the teacher. If a meeting with an administrator is requested, the parent will be directed to the FaCE Center. Contact Ms. Miller or Ms. Abarca at 770-381-4274 or 678-245-3470.


    Empathy: Cultural competence, staff and student wellbeing, 
    educator diversity. 

    Equity: Multi-tiered system of supports, opportunity and 
    access, equitable resource allocation. 

    Effectiveness: Results-Based evaluation system, talent 
    management, educational return on investment. 

    Excellence: Preferred education destination, post-secondary 
    and workforce readiness, world-class communication, and 


    Empathy 18: Staff and student wellbeing 
    Based on prior year data related to social emotional learning for students and staff, Hopkins Elementary will promote student and staff wellbeing through prioritizing self-care, physical and mental health, and social emotional learning. 

    Equity 2A: Multi-tiered system of supports 
    Based on prior year data, Hopkins Elementary will implement a comprehensive framework to fully operationalize a multi-tiered system of supports to address academic and non-academic student needs and remove barriers. 

    Equity 28: Opportunity and access 
    Implement the Berkmar Cluster Professional Development for Instructional Conversations Initiative to support all language domains (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening). 
    Implement Collaborative Planning for teachers and support staff to analyze data and plan for differentiation. 

    Effectiveness 3A: Results-Based Evaluation System 
    Based on prior year data, Hopkins Elementary will redefine the inputs, behaviors, and outcomes that determine the standards for student success as measured by the Results-Based Evaluation System (RBES) to support school improvement and student growth. Results-Based Evaluation System Implement Collaborative Planning for teachers and support staff to analyze data and plan for differentiation 

    Excellence 48: Post-secondary and workforce readiness 
    Based on prior year data, Hopkins Elementary will redefine the inputs. behaviors. and outcomes that determine the standards for student success as measured by the Results-Based Evaluation System (RBES) to support school improvement and student growth. 


    It is a plan that describes how our school will provide opportunities to improve family engagement that will support student learning at school and at home. All students and their families are invited and encouraged to fully participate in the opportunities described in this plan. The school will provide information and as many opportunities as possible for the participation of all family members. 


    It is a written agreement that outlines how the school, the students, and the family will work together to ensure your child's academic success. An effective School-Family Promise contains the following elements: 

    • Clear learning goals that are linked to the school's improvement plan
    • Specific skills students will learn during the year
    • Strategies that staff, families, and students will use to improve student learning
    • Ways to extend learning at home
    • Methods teachers and family members will use to communicate about student progress
    • Opportunities for family members to observe and participate in the classroom
    • Jointly-developed by families, school staff, students, community business partners, and other stakeholders during our Planning Meeting Reviewed and revised throughout the year
    • Hopkins will review the School-Family Promise thought as a school during the Fall and Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences but also as a more focused review during parent workshops, individual conferences and other meetings.


    ❖    Title I Program Information: Program information is available during the Title I Planning Meeting in the spring and Annual Parent Meetings in the Fall, on the school website, and in the FaCE Center.
    ❖    Curriculum Information: Knowing what your child is learning at school is important. We will keep you informed throughout the year about what your child is learning during parent meetings, conferences, eCLASS, and on our school website.
    ❖    Student Progress Monitoring: The Parent Portal is an online resource that allows families to view grades, attendance, schedules, assessment results, course history, and much more. Monitoring your child's progress in school is an important way to be engaged.
    ❖    Parent Resources: We have many resources available for checkout to use at home with your child. We also host several parent workshops to empower you as you work with your child at home.
    ❖    Staff Training: We will train our staff to effectively communicate with you. Your input on how we train our staff is valuable. These trainings happen is Fall and Spring.
    ❖    Communication: We will communicate, to the extent feasible, all information with you in a language and format you understand. Whenever possible, we will provide interpreters during parent workshops, and academic events. Translation is available for most documents.
    ❖    Transition Support: Entering a new school can be scary for both students and families. We will host events to make sure both you and your child are aware of what is expected and how you can prepare as your child transitions to a new school.



    • Provide parents the opportunity to learn strategies to help their students develop an awareness of letter sounds that will lead to learning high frequency words during family literacy night and reading/literacy workshops
    • Provide parents an opportunity to learn instructional strategies used in the classroom with students during our school-wide family nights and our instructional parent workshops
    • Provide resources and educational games in the FaCE Center and through teachers' eClass pages to be checked out or utilized at home to reinforce awareness of instructional goals and materials, as well as online resources to be used at home. 


    Principal’s Signature                  Date

    As Students, we will…icon: person reading a book

    •     Use the strategies and materials learned in class and with parents in workshops and events throughout the year. 
    •     Use materials checked out in the FaCE Center and/or teacher home resources to support the concepts learned in class. 
    •     Use electronic and online resources shared by the parents and teachers at home to practice literacy skills taught at school. 

    As Families, we will…icon: man and woman

    • Attend workshops, school-wide events, parent- teacher conferences and SST meetings to the extent possible.
    • Ask the classroom teacher questions, support teachers or Parent Personnel by using materials and resources to support learning at home. 
    • Visit the FaCE Center to ask the Parent Instructional Coordinator for additional materials or on line resources available to support learning at home 


    Hopkins Elementary is committed to frequent two-way communication with families about student learning. Some of the ways we can foster effective communication include SST Meetings, Parent/Teacher Conferences, utilization of agendas, Friday Folders, Parent Portal, email, phone conference, teacher and school websites and e Class pages, School Messenger, Class Dojo, and Facebook.

    If you need interpretation and/or translation services, please contact: Maria Miller or Ingrid Abarca in the Hopkins Family and Community Engagement Center: 770-381-4274, 678-245- 3470 


    Parent Classes and Workshops: 

    •    Play 2 Learn Classes
    •    Parent English Classes
    •    Parent Math workshop by levels
    •    Get Ready for Kindergarten
    •    Imagine Learning
    •    Literacy
    •    e Class

    Schoolwide Events:

    • Open House
    • Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences:

                        October 18 & 19

    • Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences:

                         March 6 & 7

    • Curriculum Night
    • Hallow Read Literacy Night
    • Math Munchies Night
    • STEAM Family Night
    • Multicultural Night
    • Spring Fine Arts Musical
    • Fall Hopkins Carnival

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    ✓    Title I is a federal program designed to support school reform efforts to improve teaching and learning for all students.
    ✓    Title I programs are based on effective means of improving student achievement and include strategies to support family engagement.
    ✓    All Title I schools jointly develop a Family and Community Engagement Plan with families.
    ✓    The Title I Office reserves at least one percent of the district's allocation to fund family and community engagement programs. The use of these funds is based on suggestions gathered at our spring Planning Meetings from families and community members. Funds are distributed equally to all our Title I schools.
    ✓    Childcare and/or transportation may be provided for meetings and school events.



    At Hopkins Elementary School we are collaboratively helping children achieve their personal best while increasing student achievement. 


    At Hopkins Elementary School we are working together to cultivate learners, empower families, and strengthen communities. 


    We have learning games, books, and many other resources available for families to use at home. 
    Maria J. Rodriguez-Miller or Ingrid Abarca are available to help you find resources, navigate the Parent Portal, mypayments plus, connect with teachers, and learn about ways you can help your student at home. 
    Our Family and Community Engagement Center is located in Room 1.205 
    Hours open: 8:30AM - 2:30 PM 
    Please contact Maria J. Rodriguez-Miller or Ingrid Abarca for additional information about our FaCE Center and resources available for check-out. (770-381-4274) or ( 678-245-3470) maria.miller@gcp_skj2.org 
    Volunteer opport


    •     Parents may contact the FaCE Center to schedule volunteer hours in their child's classroom.
    •     Parents may also volunteer and participate in Hopkins Elementary International Night, Book Fair, cafeteria, media center and volunteer in the FaCE Center to assist teachers with a variety of projects. 

    •     Parents can also volunteer with our school clubs.
    •     Parents can volunteer to chaperone field trips
    •     Parents are also invited to volunteer for field days