Risk Management

  • blue botton with "Risk Management" written on it Risk Management is the process of making and carrying out decisions that will minimize the adverse effects of risk on an organization.  Risk Management identifies potential risk in advance, analyzes the risk and then take steps to reduce or curb the risk. Risk Management is responsible for property and casualty insurance programs for the school system. Risk Specialist manage the claim process for Workers Compensation, Automobile, Property, and Student Injury claims from the date of incident until resolution. Risk Management partners with staff in schools and other departments to answer insurance questions, review certificates of insurance and contracts, investigate accidents and make safety recommendations to create the safest possible learning and working environment for our students and staff.


    Workers' Compensation

    Workers' Compensation is a program created by state law that provides medical, income, and other benefits to employees due to injury, illness or death resulting from a compensable work-related claim covered by the law. If you have been injured while performing your duties as an employee of Gwinnett County Public Schools, you should report the injury as soon as possible. Risk Management staff will review the circumstances of the injury and, if benefits are appropriate under the law, assist you with obtaining necessary medical treatment and other benefits to which you may be entitled.  Access forms, a list of approved physicians, and other information about Workers' Compensation.


    Student Insurance 

    Accidents can occur anywhere, and school is no exception. To assist families with medical expenses caused by an accidental injury at school, we have arranged for an optional Student Accident Insurance plan, available for all students. Parents may elect to purchase this coverage, at reasonable rates, through our vendor/partner.  For more information about Student Accident Insurance


    Contact Us

    If you have any question, concerns, or problems, access a list of contacts, including email addresses and phone numbers.