• Collins Hill Credit Recovery and Hope Contracts Spring 2021


    Due to the unusual nature of first semester with students being digital and in person and all assignments being digital, Collins Hill has developed a plan for students that failed a course to have an opportunity to recover credit during second semester. There are 3 types of classes that a student may have had and their teachers will work on a specific plan for your child.

    Most core academic classes have a credit recovery course through Georgia Virtual School (GVS).  If a GVS course is offered, then a student will need to complete this course to learn semester 1 material and then make a 75 or higher in their second semester course to earn credit for the first semester course.  Here is the link for the courses offered: http://www.gacreditrecovery.org/CourseInfo.aspx The exception to this are the math students that are already enrolled during the school day in a semester 1 math course.
    Classes that do not have a GVS credit recovery course will complete a Hope Contract with their teacher for how to recover first semester credit and demonstrate their learning.
    One semester courses will do the GVS credit recovery course to earn credit, if available. If one is not available, then an in-person final exam retake will be offered on March 2 or 16 by appointment. For courses without a credit recovery course, the student will have to pass the final exam to earn credit.

    Option 1:  2020-21 Credit Recovery

    All students that failed a class required for graduation during Fall Semester have the opportunity to complete a credit recovery class (except Algebra 1 and 2 and Geometry students that are currently enrolled in a Semester 1 math course due to making below a 55).  If students need multiple credit recovery courses they are expected to work through one course prior to beginning the next course, unless a student is working towards a 2021 graduation date.   If a student will be a 2021 graduate they will be allowed to take up to 2 credit recovery classes at once.

    DescriptionStudents will be enrolled in Georgia Virtual School (GVS) credit recovery courses.

    Credit Recovery ScheduleStarting on Feb. 1 until class is complete. See enclosed dates for facilitated credit recovery through Collins Hill Community School.

    How will mastery be determined?  Students will work through the GVS course, including taking the final exam.

    Choice of Instructional Settings

    1. Non-facilitated online self paced course available if students earned a 55 - 69 first semester.
    2. Facilitated online self paced course where student has teacher assistance after school; this option is mandatory for students that had less than a 55 first semester. See enclosed dates for facilitated credit recovery through Collins Hill Community School.

    Student and Parent Details: All students are eligible.  Registration and payment is on MyPaymentsPlus.

    1. Cost for GA Virtual Credit Recovery course: $25 per course and should be paid on MyPaymentsPlus.
    2. There will be a form to complete to let us know if you wish to have in person or virtual support after school.
    3. Students will receive assistance during Academy/advisement on Jan. 25 to create a GA Virtual Credit Recovery account.  Please watch this video to assist with creating your GAVS account.


    Option 1: Student completes credit recovery and earns a 75 or higher in their second semester class.  Teacher will change the first semester grade to a 70.  

    Option 2: Student does not earn a 75 or higher in their second semester class. First semester grade remains on the transcript. Student earns a grade for the Credit Recovery Course. This Credit Recovery grade appears as an additional course on the student’s transcript.


    Option 2: Collins Hill Hope Contract - Year long grading with 1st semester grade replacement.

    All students who under performed in courses (without a GA Virtual Credit Recovery course option) during Fall Semester have the opportunity to recover credit through a year long grading program.

    Description: To help students recover credit for courses with no GaVirtual credit recovery course.  Teachers will develop a Collins Hill Hope Contract that details how students can earn credit for the course for 1st semester.  The Hope Contract will specify expectations of student learning and demonstration of mastery during 2nd semester for first semester content which includes earning a 75 or higher in the second semester.  Grade replacement for first semester will be a 70.


    This option is embedded in the school day in current semester 2 classes.  

    • Students work on assigned work/lessons from 1st semester on their own.
    • Teachers may provide tutoring or require additional check ins.
    • Teachers monitor 1st semester and 2nd semester progress.

    Attendance Requirement

    Students are expected to attend 2nd semester class daily and engage with learning.

    Teachers may require students to turn on camera as a part of class engagement.

    How will mastery be determined?  Hope Contracts will be finalized by teachers and approved by administration.  Contracts will be shared with students beginning the week of Jan. 25th.


    Option 3: Recovering Credit for a one Semester Class

    1.  If a Georgia Virtual Credit Recovery course is offered, students must take and pass the credit recovery course and the original semester grade will stand as well.  (Economics, American Government, and Health)
    2. If a Georgia Virtual Credit Recovery course is not offered, students will have access to their first semester coursework and material via eCLASS.  Students will be reviewing material and may ask their current teacher for assistance with re-learning concepts.  To earn credit for the course, students must retake and pass the final exam for the course in person by scheduling the exam with their current art or PE/Health teacher for either the March 2 or March 16 digital learning days.  If the student passes the final exam a 70 will be given as a grade replacement for the semester course. (Visual Comp 1 and II and Personal Fitness).