Asian American Student Association

  • The purpose of this club is to:

    • promote Asian unity and diversity throughout Gwinnett County through local and joint events
    • erase racial stigmas
    • create a greater understanding among Asian Americans and those of different races and backgrounds
    • promote interaction between students in affiliated schools and all of Gwinnett County
    • exchange culture and educate the greater community

    Membership will be limited to students of the respective school they attend, grades 9-12. Dues are $10, payable on

    Meeting/Time Commitment
    Meets every third Thursday of the month in Mrs. Kim's room (F14).  Dues: $10 on

    2021-2022 Officers:
    President: Alicia Lim

    Vice President: Lindsey Tran

    Co-Vice President: Kendra Nguyen

    Secretary: Savannah Surani

    Historian: Tracy Phan

    Marketing Managers: Ayane Yokoya and Sumedha Budaraju

    Membership Managers: Britney Huynh and Tianna Truong

    12th Grade Officer Representative: Robert Zhang

    11th Grade Officer Representative: Ryan Tran


    Teacher Sponsor
    Mrs. Melissa Kim

  • Members of Brookwood's Asian American Student Association