Mission Statement

  • Trickum Middle School is committed to create a digital culture which supports, streamlines, and embraces technology use in a meaningful way to students, teachers, and the community.

    Please peruse the sections below to both learn more about technology used at Trickum middle school as well as gain access to a number of help guides.

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    In Gwinnett County, students are able to bring their own internet ready electronic devices and connect to the school's WIFI. Depending on the teacher, students will be able to use their devices for a variety of school activities.

    Contact your child's teacher to see if BYOD is a part of his or her classroom. Some teachers will invariably use it more than others. If your child's teacher is a regular user of BYOD and you'd like to buy him or her a device, the county has put together a recommended buying guide. To be clear, this is not mandatory. Talk to your child's teachers before you purchase a device. Click here to learn more about the BYOD program

  • Responsible Use of Electronic Media for Students

    When using technology, students should always strive to be responsible, ethical, and mature. The links below will help guide students as to the type of activities they should be doing:

    GCPS Responsible Use Guide

    Trickum PTSA and Student Handbook

    Digital Citizenship Information

  • Technology Staff

    Drew Schoen, Local School Technology Coordinator

    Denis Omeranovic, Technology Support Technician

    Tammy Palmer, Media Specialist

    Kay Williamson, Media Clerk

    Mary Ann Propes, Student Data Management Clerk