• Gwinnett County Public Schools will kick off the 2021-22 school year on the first day of school on August 4 with a staggered start for in-person learning. This year, most of Gwinnett’s nearly 180,000 students will be attending school in-person; however, families of approximately 3,400 students selected for their children to remain digital this year. There are a number of new things this school year… new students, new teachers, new principals, a new superintendent, new classes, new items on the menu, and much more! We look forward to the new year and welcoming students and teachers back to learning and back to fun, and most of all being back together in our schools!

GCPS by the Numbers

  • COVID-19 Cases by School
  • Health and Safety

    By deploying multiple mitigation strategies at one time, a practice called layered mitigation, GCPS continues to promote health and safety for our students, staff, and visitors.

    Gwinnett County Public Schools updated its plan for masks for back-to-school on July 27 in accordance with updated guidance from the CDC. Masks are required on all campuses and in all Gwinnett County Public Schools’ facilities. Schools will plan for appropriate mask breaks.

    Click here to review the GCPS Mask Update (9-14-2021) 

    A number of layered mitigation strategies are planned for 2021-22 in GCPS, including: 

    • Requiring masks, with regular reminders about proper mask use (covering nose and mouth, fitted at sides, etc.) Masks that have an exhalation valve or vent and masks made from mesh fabrics are not recommended by the CDC as they allow virus particles to escape and spread. As a result, these types of masks do not meet GCPS' mask requirement.
    • Promoting vaccination for those who are eligible
    • Physical distancing when feasible
    • Continuing use of enhanced ventilation practices, including the installation and use of upgraded MERV 13 filters
    • Encouraging regular handwashing and the use of sanitizer
    • Promoting proper respiratory etiquette (covering coughs and sneezes, disposing of tissues, etc.)
    • Emphasizing the need for individuals to stay home if they are sick, have been exposed to a known case, or are being tested for COVID
    • Continuing the Health Response Teams (HRT) process that was used this past year to identify close contacts and report positive cases
    • Following health department guidance regarding isolation and quarantine
    • Continuing with cleaning and disinfection practices in schools and on buses, focusing on high-touch areas

    GCPS will continue to review guidance from local and state health partners, the CDC, and the Georgia Department of Education, using this guidance to inform decision-making about additional or updated mitigation strategies that might be needed for the 2021–22 school year.

    Vaccination Information—Individuals ages 12 and older are eligible to receive COVID vaccinations. In addition, families should be aware of two other childhood vaccinations—MCV4 (required for 7th and 11th graders) and Tdap (required for rising 7th graders). Please contact the Health Department or your health provider for information about vaccinations.

    Click here for information about COVID numbers in Gwinnett schools

    Click here for COVID-19 Quick Tips Regarding Symptoms, Steps for Isolation and Quarantine, etc.

    Daily Screening for Families

    International Travel Quarantine Guidelines

    Preventing Quarantines 

    Reporting and Communication Information

  • Digital Learning for Grades K-5

    Of the nearly 180,000 students who attend Gwinnett County Public Schools, approximately 2% have opted out of in-person learning for the 2021-22 school year. Here are some quick facts about K-5 digital learning:

    • Elementary students will be assigned to a teacher from their school, within their cluster, or another school in the district.
    • Students will remain enrolled at their home school so that they can take part in clubs, activities, social events, etc.
    • Classes will be delivered largely in a synchronous setting (similar to 2020-21). Synchronous classes require that the student be logged in to participate during a specific time.
    • The digital learning schedule may be different from the in-person schedule.
    • Please read this FAQ for Families of Digital K-5 Students.


  • Digital Learning for Grades 6-12

    Of the nearly 180,000 students enrolled in Gwinnett County Public Schools, approximately 2% have opted out of in-person learning for the 2021-22 school year. Here are some quick facts about digital learning for students in grades 6-12:

    • Grade 6-12 students will be enrolled concurrently at both their home school and at Gwinnett Online Campus (GOC). They will participate in the GOC online platform for classes.
    • Academic and elective classes will be taught through GOC. 
    • Students will be able to take part in athletics, clubs, activities, social events, etc., at their home school.
    • Counseling and Advisement will be provided through GOC for digital learners.
    • Parents should contact the GOC teacher to discuss their student’s progress, grades, attendance, etc.

    Click here to visit the Gwinnett Online Campus website

  • Device and Internet Access

    Access to both devices and reliable internet is critical to our students’ learning and helps to ensure educational equity as more students engage with digital learning resources.​​​​​​​

    Schools will use established processes for addressing student device and internet needs and will distribute devices and hotspots accordingly.

    Families should note that devices issued to students must be returned to the school on the specified date the school determines. Per district policy and procedures, and the agreement noted in the Student/Parent Handbook, fines may be assessed to the family if the device checked out is returned damaged or is not returned.

    Families should contact their local school for additional information if their student(s) need assistance with devices and/or reliable internet service. For MS and HS students concurrently enrolled at Gwinnett Online Campus, the home school will coordinate device and hot spot distribution.  

  • Custodial Services in our Facilities

    • GCPS has an established protocol for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting buildings, and high-touch surfaces and objects.
    • Staff have the supplies needed to clean and sanitize surfaces in the classroom as needed.

  • School Nutrition

    For the 2021-22 school year, all students will receive breakfast and lunch at no charge, based on USDA waivers.

    While meals will be provided at no charge for all students this school year, families whose students would be eligible for meal support in a typical year should complete the free/reduced-price meal application as soon as possible. Confirmed eligibility for free/reduced-price meals ensures access to many benefits beyond school meals (free SAT/ACT, free college applications, free/reduced internet, additional technology and resources for schools, etc.) Click here for information regarding the Free and Reduced Meal Application Benefits… it provides more than just a meal

    Cafeterias will be open and students will resume using the serving lines and selecting their meal items.

    • Menu items will be similar to offerings provided in the cafeteria in the past.
    • Schools have established precautionary practices in place to minimize risks.
    • Some food items will be wrapped and packaged to avoid direct contact with food items.
    • Students may eat meals in the cafeteria.

    Information about meal pick-ups for digital learners will be communicated by each school. (Meals will only be provided to GCPS students.)

  • Transportation

    GCPS has established reasonable and precautionary practices for transporting students to and from school.​​​​​​​

    Buses will operate at maximum capacity as usual. Physical distancing will not be possible on school buses.

    Buses will be cleaned/disinfected at the end of the morning and afternoon routes.

    Click here to review the Transportation Safety Flyer that provides information about the School Bus Safety Camera Program and Tips for School Bus Safety. 

  • Athletics and Extracurriculars

    Gwinnett County Public Schools will offer athletics and extracurricular activities for the 2021-22 school year. Plans are that events will be open to spectators at full capacity per Georgia High School Association guidance.

  • Visitors

    • Parents and guardians may volunteer at school, but only in areas with limited access to students.

    • Parents and guardians wishing to eat lunch with their students will sit in a specified area set up in the cafeteria.

    • Gwinnett County Public Schools’ visitor management process will be strengthened this year as the district rolls out a new tool to promote safety in our schools. The visitor management system is used to verify the identity of a visitor, keep track of check-in and check-out times, and print custom visitor badges. This year, GCPS schools will begin using a new tool called Raptor that enables each school building to screen all visitors against the National Sex Offender Registry and establishes a consistent sign-in process across the district. The goal is to enhance the safety and security of both students and staff by preventing access by those who pose a potential threat. The new system will go live in high schools the week of August 16, in elementary schools the first week in September, and in middle schools the third week of September. Click here for FAQs about enhancements to the visitor management process.

    • UPDATE TO STUDENT CHECK-IN PROCESS FOR ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOLS-- A new process for student check-ins at GCPS elementary and middle schools will offer a touchless option and faster service. The new process is tied to the district’s student information system. Students and their parent/guardian have the option of downloading the StudentVue and ParentVue app to access the student’s electronic ID card.   (This is the system high school students have used for the past two years.) This system will be in place in GCPS elementary schools the first week of September and will go live in middle schools during the third week of September.

  • Human Resources

    Employees with questions in the event of a positive COVID test and contact tracing should notify their principal and follow the local school Health Response Team (HRT) process.