• The curriculum contained in all of the Fellows Programs are aligned with courses that support deeper industry and post-secondary training related to the associated fields. Most of the courses are courses that can be taken in all high schools in GCPS. However, the Fellows Program works with students to make room in their schedules to be able to focus more heavily in these areas and get more comprehensive and well-rounded education and training. The flexibility in the scheduling allows students to concentrate on learning that expands the skillsets that are sought after in post-secondary opportunities.

    The courses in these areas are not a prescribed course of study as you will find in the conservatory, but instead are courses that are suggested to students to pursue in order to develop their own transcripts of training in their area of interest. The depth and breadth of study in these programs is completely up to the discretion and scheduling opportunities of the student.

    Fellows Programs of Study:

    • Creative Writing
    • Music (Percussion, Strings, Winds, Brass, Voice)
    • Theatre Studies
    • Visual Arts
    • Dance
    • Audio Video Technology & Film