Enterprise Support Services

    • Enterprise Support Services is responsible for application, desktop, and network customer support, TST (Technology Support Technicians) management, training and services, change management, and notifications of IMT network updates and planned maintenance. The department of Enterprise Support Services also provides all desktop and laptop computer related management and support to local schools and central offices and offers a call center for district personnel to contact if they have technology issues. The department also provides repair services for out of warranty hardware malfunction and damage, as well as a courier service that helps expedite getting technology back into the hands of our teachers and local schools if repair is required.

    • Media Services and Technology Training provides leadership and support for school library media programs, allowing student access to online reference resources which are essential to teaching and learning. A professional library offers access to resources for all GCPS teachers, administrators, and staff. Professional learning opportunities are provided for media specialists, media clerks, and local school technology coordinators (LSTC) to ensure the integration of technology into the curriculum. Coordination and delivery of technology training for system-wide initiatives such as eCLASS, SIS, and Peoplesoft are also provided. Learning opportunities are available face-to-face or self-paced through the eLearn solution on the Gwinnett Portal.
    • School Technology is the IMT liaison to schools and other divisions and departments regarding technology initiatives. The department’s focus is supporting all technology related capital projects, including new schools, school additions, and retrofits, with selecting and deploying appropriate technology to meet specific teaching and learning needs. While the department responds to emerging technology requests, it is also responsible for identifying, sharing, and implementing new technologies to support instructional initiatives.
    • Enterprise Testing and Forensics is responsible for Enterprise Testing of designated applications and solutions; as well as digital forensics and incident response for the misuse of technology and e-Discovery. This department focuses on creating and executing various testing strategies and release test plans, as well as the review process of results from the testing phase to assure that the test plan aligns with business requirements.
    • Administrative Support & Development provides World Class support in meeting and exceeding the demands of technology in business operations as well as sustaining development and implementation for the Board of Education and the Administration of the school system. The department collaborates with Central Office divisions to initiate and lead technology direction and implementation to support the school district's Strategic Initiatives and Priorities. Through collaboration with Central Office divisions, innovative technology and strategies are identified and integrated for organizational coherence and continuous quality improvement in the Central Office’s operation and direction to support all schools.
  • Ken McClung, Executive Director
    Ken McClung, Executive Director

Directors - Enterprise Support Services

  • Director of Administrative Support & Development
    Paul Stanow
  • Director of Enterprise Support Services
    Mike Long
  • Director of Enterprise Testing and Forensics
    David Hayes
  • Director of Media Services & Technology Training
    Mary Barbee
  • Director of School Technology
    Lisa Watkins