World Changers

  • In a world with systemic racism, school shootings, and hundreds of other issues, the world is constantly in need of change in a positive direction.  Throughout time, youth have always been a force for change.  Inspired by the students of Parkland High School who took their crusade against school shootings all the way to the US Capital and some graduates of Dacula High School who have been leaders of the Black Lives Matter protests in Lawrenceville, this club would seek to allow students to gather and use their passion to change their world.  We would also seek to bring experienced activists and politicians to the table to learn about the most successful methods for actually making change happen and to allow the students to discuss their concerns with these people of influence.  The overarching club will be about activism and changing the world in general, and then students and faculty sponsors would have sub-clubs within it on particular areas they are passionate about seeing change.  

    Club Sponsor: Dr. Long

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