• In 2019 GCPS launched a communitywide campaign to invite input on updating the Strategic Priorities for the next decade. Many stakeholders were involved in crafting what is now called the Strategic Direction for 2020-2030. Like its predecessor, the Strategic Direction for 2020-2030 consists of 10 components or “drivers” that guide our day-to-day work. Each driver is either a school district responsibility or it can be influenced by the attitudes and actions of those within the organization. Communication has long been a priority for the district and remains one of these drivers. 


  • As a school district, we realize that effective communication is everyone’s responsibility. GCPS promotes open, honest, reliable, two-way communication as this is a key to building trust and confidence in the school community and beyond. As part of the district’s focus on communication, it continually looks for ways to engage stakeholders in ongoing, meaningful, and authentic ways. For more about the qualities and characteristics of Communication highlighted in the Strategic Direction for 2020-2030, click here.