• Curriculum Night 2020-2021- Preparation

    • I can log in AND navigate to my student's eClass page AND locate their schedule.  
    • I can locate my student's schedule.
    • I can locate the Pinckneyville Middle School Landing Page.  Note:  Curriculum Night layout will be available at 6:25 on Thursday, September 17th.
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    Locate Student Schedule



    Teacher Period

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    Save Student Schedule


    Please ensure that you document (write it down/take a picture) your child's schedule in preparation for Thursday night's curriculum night.  You will follow your child's schedule in order, period by period, by clicking on each teachers name(ZOOM link) which will be located on the Pinckneyville Middle School landing page which will become available at the 6:25PM start time. After viewing Mr. Marschke's welcome at 6:25, you will begin your rotation starting with 1st period at 6:35.  Each ZOOM meeting will be 10 minutes long.  

    The Pinckneyville Middle School landing page can be found HERE(see image below).  When My eClass Pages opens, you've "landed":-)