General Information

  • Gwinnett Online Campus offers grades 4th and 5th in our Elementary School Blended Program. We use a hybrid approach to teach our elementary aged students, combining both online and in-person instruction. A typical week provides the opportunity for students to attend one on campus day for students to come to GOC’s campus to learn. For the days students are not scheduled on campus, instruction is online through our learning platform Desire2Learn. Our elementary school teachers are uniquely qualified to work with this model to bring flexibility, rigor, and mastery of content to our students.

Class Requirements

  • Elementary blended teachers hold one class session per week. The schedule for these sessions are posted in each course. During the days that students do not have scheduled class sessions, students should expect to spend between 45 and 60 minutes in each core content class (language arts, math, science, social studies) each day.

Face to Face Requirements

  • Each student is expected to attend a face-to-face orientation meeting. All students must attend a face-to-face final exam at Gwinnett Online Campus. The date and time for your specific course will be posted on the GOC Assessment home page.

Department Chair