Message from the CEO/Superintendent on GCPS Initiatives

  • Superintendent, J. Alvin Wilbanks

    Gwinnett County Public Schools' vision is to become a system of world-class schools, and our mission is to pursue excellence for each student. Our relentless focus on the vision and mission have led our school district to make great strides… however, there is still much to do. Our foundational documents—the district’s vision and mission, the Board’s Beliefs and Commitments, along with its vision for quality and definition of world-class schools—guide decision-making and planning within GCPS. We also have organizational documents that provide quantifiable goals that can be used to review our progress. Included in these are our Strategic Direction for 2020-2030 and our Strategic Initiatives and Priorities.

    In 2019, many of our stakeholders provided input to help craft our Strategic Direction for 2020-2030. The Strategic Direction consists of 10 components or “drivers” that guide our day-to-day work. For each driver there is a clearly identified goal or desired state and a detailed list of qualities and characteristics that stakeholders feel are desirable. Essential to the Strategic Direction is the district’s focus on educational equity, specifically the work that is being done to increase educational access and opportunities that lead to the elimination of barriers and build the district’s capacity to deliver innovative, effective and culturally relevant services to its students, families and employees.

    Our Strategic Initiatives and Priorities for 2020-2024 are multi-year initiatives that push us forward, helping us move closer to our goal of "world class." They help link our vision, mission, and beliefs to our strategic goals and initiatives. Currently, our district is focused on six major initiatives… developing leaders and improving leader effectiveness, evaluating the impact and success of the Performance-Based Teacher Compensation System, transforming teaching and learning and teacher support, increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness, addressing facility and planning needs, and designing the district’s first theme cluster. All of these initiatives are tied to our vision and will help move us closer to becoming that system of world-class schools we strive to become and our students deserve. This is part of the culture of continuous quality improvement that is inherent in GCPS as we continue to build on what is best about the school district today to ensure we are even better in the future. I encourage you to stay involved in our schools and to keep abreast of these and other initiatives underway to improve our schools. Working together, we can keep everyone moving in the same direction… toward realizing our vision of becoming a system of world-class schools!


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    J. Alvin Wilbanks