• AKS at Home

    Parents are important partners with their child’s teacher, whether a child is learning at home or at school. To help you support learning, GCPS is launching a new initiative called AKS at Home. With this project, families will learn ways to help their child(ren) practice skills they are learning in class as part of the district’s Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum.

    Parents can join live Zoom sessions to learn more about the resources available to support student mastery of AKS foundational skills. Please see the table below for upcoming sessions. 

AKS at Home Live Zoom Sessions

AKS at Home Live Zoom Session Schedule
  • Please use the link below to visit the AKS at Home web page for information on Zoom links for each live session. Information about recorded Zoom sessions is also available on the AKS at Home web page. 

    AKS at Home Web Page