• Corrected 5-17 Schedule



    All media center books and textbooks must be returned and/or fines and fees paid before final exams.

    If a student has Guided Study during a scheduled exam period, he/she may leave early/arrive late during the break to avoid that period; however, extra transportation to do this will not be provided.

    Students will receive a form from their Guided Study teachers to bring home for parents to sign if they wish to leave early/arrive late. Students must turn in the signed form to their Guided Study teacher by May 20. 

    To avoid interrupting the learning environment for those in the classroom and building who are still testing, Brookwood does not allow check-outs during final exams.   

    A student may not take an exam before the scheduled date/time for his or her class.

    Students may not check out of school before the end of an exam block.

    Locker Clean-out Day is Wednesday, May 18.


    All graduating seniors must pay for lost books prior to graduation. 

    New this year: Seniors may exempt local final exams and district assessments if they meet the criteria. However, some students may opt to take the local final exam or district assessment to improve their grade.

    Seniors who plan to arrive late or leave early on exam days due to exemption status or a Guided Study, and/or leave during the break after the morning exam session, need to bring a note from a parent or guardian and give it to their guided study teacher.

    The note should include the following and turned to your Guided Study teacher prior to Friday, May 20:

    • student name and ID number

    • days/periods that the parent permits the student to miss

    • parent name, signature, and phone number