• New Calendar Schedule for Spring Semester 2021

    District Shares Calendar Changes for Semester 2

    Teachers will have more time and resources for planning instruction this spring as they work to support both in-person and digital learning for their students. At the Nov. 19 School Board meeting, district leaders shared two changes to the calendar for the 2nd semester.

    The calendar now calls for students to return to learning (in the classroom or online) on Thursday, Jan. 7, a day later than originally planned. Teachers will participate in planning/staff development on two days—Jan. 5 and 6—before classes begin. This change will give teachers an extra day for planning and staff development.

    In another calendar change designed to extend planning opportunities for teachers, four days in the spring—Jan. 26, March 2, March 16, and April 20—have been designated as Digital Learning Days (DLD). On these school days, all students, both in-person and digital learners, will learn at home. Learning will be asynchronous, meaning that students will not have a scheduled log-in time or planned “Zoom” session. Instead, they will complete assigned work at their own pace. Students who are unable to complete assignments on DLDs will be given the opportunity to complete assignments when they return to school.

    On Jan. 6 and on the four Digital Learning Days in the spring, GCPS will provide meals for curbside pick-up at schools and will deliver along all middle school bus routes countywide.