I'm New to Shiloh...How Do I Get Connected?

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  • Shiloh MS Zoom Login Instructions for Students

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  • Authenticating Issues In Zoom

    If your student is unable to bypass the waiting room to enter class, please follow the instructions below. Hint: make sure your personal email is not the email you are using for school Zoom sessions. Click on the icon in the right hand corner after signing in and double check to see if the username for the Zoom account signed in is your first name.lastnamexxxx@g.gcpsk12.org 

    check sign in  

    If you skip logging into Zoom first before going to your teacher’s button for the class period, then follow these steps:

    1. You would click that Sign in to Join option as seen in your screenshot.
      • authorized user
    2. Then you would click on the Sign in with Google button. Do NOT enter your email and password.

     sign in with google

    1. Depending on if your student has clicked the G Suite for education link in his eCLASS or not, the student may have to type their email which is  first name.lastnamexxxx@g.gcpsk12.org 

     G suite for education

    If the student has to type it, it will require that they sign in to eCLASS again.

    1. Once they do this, it should let them into their class.
    2. If you have any problems with launching from your browser, then join from your browser

  • Joining from the Browser

    Help!!! Every time, I try to get on Zoom, it keeps spinning after I press Open Zoom Meeting.

    • I have installed the app on my Chromebook
    • I attempted to Download Now the Zoom Client, but my device won't let me.
    • I have downloaded the Zoom Client, but it still isn't working.

    Towards the bottom is a blue hyperlink to Join from the Browser. Select that option.

    join from browser screen

  • Zoom Student Support Handouts

    Adding Zoom to your Chromebook that is School 

    Audio Troubles in Zoom

Student Guide to Resetting and Activating Passwords

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.