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  • Instructions for Registration

    Students will have access to the course catalog on the CHHS Registration Central 2021-2022 website through the registration process. Students and parents are encouraged to explore each offering in deciding which courses to request for the 2021-2022 school year.  Please pay attention to prerequisites and classes that require teacher approval and/or an audition.

    All students will be placed in core classes by their current core area teachers.  Students may also be registered for the next level of their current electives.

    On Monday, February 1st for Rising 9th graders and then Wednesday, February 3rd for rising 10-12th grade students, links will become available to request elective choices for the 2021-2022 school year. The 9th grade link will close on 2/8/2021 and the 10-12th links will close on 2/10/21. 


    January/February - Teachers verify core course placement based on student performance

    February 1st - Registration for electives opens for rising 9th graders

    February 3rd - Registration for electives opens for rising 10-12th graders

    February 8th - Elective registration for rising 9th graders closes

    February 10th - Elective registration for rising 10-12th graders closes

    March 2nd - Students will have an opportunity to view course requests in StudentVue and request changes, if needed

    March 5th - Course request change link closes

    May - Students will have access to view final placement for the 2021-2022 school year


    Reminders for Registration

    • The Elective Registration form will be posted on the links below.
    • All students MUST register for 4 elective choices
    • Students who fail to register for 4 electives will be assigned courses based upon availability.  Schedule changes will not be possible later in the process.
    • There will be an opportunity to review course requests in March and again in May.


    Grade Level Specific Registration Information