Google Classroom

USA Test Prep


    Students will need to follow these steps.

    Step 1: Students must connect their USATestprep accounts to Google, just as you connected yours.

    Step 2: Students should click the "Mark as done" button in Google Classroom, assuming the assignment has been completed in USATestprep.

    Note: USATesetprep grades are synced every couple hours to Google Classroom, so there may be a delay from the time the student completes an assignment and when the score appears in Google Classroom. You can always refer to your USATestprep gradebook for the most up-to-date scores.

  • Changing Chrome Browser Users

    If you are operating a windows operated device, please follow these instructions

    If you are using a personal chromebook, it is always suggested to use your school account to minimize confusing personal and school google accounts. 

    1. sign out of your personal gmail account by going to the bottom right hand corner. Then, click sign out which appears in the top left corner of the pop up box.
      • sign out
    2. Once the log in screen appears, click the add a new person
      • add a person
    3. Sign in using your (#### is the last 4 of your student ID). Then click the blue next button.
      • sign in
    4. The next screen that pops up will be the portal. Enter your student ID in the username field and your password. Once you type in the correct eCLASS credentials, your chromebook will be signed in with your school logins. 

  • Checking Attendance in Parent Vue/Student Vue

    Attendance can be found by logging in to your parent portal, Student Vue in eCLASS, or the Student Vue or Parent Vue app.

    Go to the 3rd tab below the home page which is the attendance tab

    attendance view

    • Go to the month you are looking for
    • If there is an ABS you are unaware of, look for a red x on a day.
    • There is a color legend below the calendar months to help with what any color icons mean that may appear
    • Once you find a day with an attendance code, click on it, then scroll below the legend to gain specific class periods that marked your student tardy or absent.

    attendance detail

  • How Can I Edit a PDF?

    Here's a workaround to edit PDF documents:

    • Here's a website to convert a PDF to Microsoft Word
    • Students would upload the PDF document they are attempting to write on.
    • After PDF Candy renders the MS document, students can upload the MS Word document.
    • The Word document will be ready to type in.

  • How to Access Microsoft from Any Device

    2021 Students have access to Microsoft's Office 365

    In the eCLASS portal, they can access their 365 account on any device. It does not require you to buy a license. 

    There are a few awesome things that is available in Microsoft 365.

    Apps that are available to students:

    • Word (type documents)
    • Powerpoint (slideshow presentations)
    • Excel (spreadsheets)
    • Sway (website design)
    • Forms (data collection)

    Here's how students access their 365 accounts.

    student portal

    • Upload a MS Word or Powerpoint so students are able to edit.
    • Feel free to install office on a Windows operated device.

    office 365 home screen