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    Student Awards

  • Academic Letter

    Students who earn a numerical grade average of 90% in both Fall & Spring semesters of the previous school year are eligible to receive an Academic Letter. There will be no rounding of numbers to the next highest number. Only credits earned at MHSHS are eligible for Academic Letter consideration. Academic Letters are awarded annually during the Fall Semester. Students will receive a certificate that can be used to order a letter jacket or a student can opt to receive the academic letter for their own personal use. Current Ninth Graders will not be eligible for an academic award until they complete an entire academic school year. 

  • Honor Graduate Criteria

    Students who graduate from McClure Health Science High School with a 90 percent numeric grade average or higher will earn honor grad status.

  • Principal's Award

    This honor is presented to the member of the Junior Class of McClure Health Science High School who has demonstrated leadership through community service.  The student has proven to take the initiative to create positive change in the area of health-related activities that better our community.  The student must have a minimum numerical overall average of 80%.  The recipient of the Principal’s Award must be willing to serve as a representative of McClure Health Science High School during his/her senior year. This includes leading a minimum of two community service projects.  The recipient must also be willing to speak on several occasions during the school year. 

  • Semester Honor Roll

    Students who earn a 90 percent numeric grade average or higher in a given semester will make the Semester Honor Roll.