Middle School Summer Career Academy

  • Rising 6th-9th grade GCPS students are invited to spend a week at Grayson Tech!Middle School Summer Career Academy

    Join us for an exciting week of fun-filled career exploration!

    June 1-4

    What time?
    Choose the morning session (8:00 - 11:00 a.m.), afternoon session (12:00 - 3:00 p.m.), or all day (8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.)

    How much does it cost?
    Each session is $75.00 or $150.00 for the entire day.
    Choose one camp session for $75 half-day/all week or choose two camp sessions for $150 all day/all week. 
    Some programs may require additional fees.  See program descriptions below for more information.

    When can I register?
    Registration begins March 28, 2021 on MyPaymentsPlus.


    • Criminal Investigations
    • Culinary Arts
    • Cybersecurity (PM only)
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Graphic Design
    • Information Technology (AM only)
    • Music Technology
    • Photography
    • Sports Medicine
    • Veterinary Science 

Summer Camp Program Descriptions

  • “Cooking with Chef G” Culinary Camp
    Would you like to surprise your family and friends with pizza made from scratch, fresh pasta with grilled chicken, and homemade cookies? Sharpen your culinary skills by joining the Culinary Arts Summer Camp at Grayson Tech! We will be cooking up lots of delicious dishes, and you can impress your family with a home-cooked meal!

    Cybersecurity (PM only, additional $10 Testout fee)
    It is not safe out there; your phones, computers, or social media are just one click away from the ultimate horror! Join us at Grayson Tech for the Cybersecurity Summer Camp to learn about security threats, data encryption, malware, and system security. Learn the things you can do to protect yourself from what lurks online. This camp includes:

    • 20+ interactive LabSims for Cybersecurity to prepare for TestOut certification for middle school.
    • Hands-on activities like making Network Ethernet Cables
    • Career Review: Why take Cybersecurity?

    Have you ever had a great product or service idea for a business? Already a young entrepreneur, running a business? Or just interested in being your own boss? If you said "yes" to any of these questions, then the Entrepreneurship Camp is just right for you! Come join the fun as you learn about business ownership, developing a business idea, marketing, and pricing! Students will have an opportunity to pitch their business ideas before judges during our "Jr. Shark Tank Challenge" to earn a chance to win fun prizes! Come learn how to be your own boss!

    Graphic Design
    Learn what it takes to be a digital illustrator and graphic designer in a fun hands-on environment! Students will take on the challenge of designing their very own illustrative t-shirt graphic and/or skateboard deck! Students will have access to industry-quality equipment including iMac computers, Cintiq digital drawing tablets, apparel heat-presses, and more! This camp is great for those who are creative and enjoy drawing, illustration, and design. Come ready to imagine and create!

    Information Technology (AM only, additional $10 Testout fee)
    Get ready to “boot-up” at the Grayson Tech Information Technology Summer Camp! If you can hear the call of the machine and are drawn to computers, join us to experience real-world scenarios working with hardware and operating systems like the professionals use every day. Participate in TestOut to get your middle school certification! Start building your skills and resume now.

    Law & Justice Criminal Investigations
    Ever wonder what it would be like to be a detective, crime scene investigator, or police officer? This summer you will be able to experience first-hand what it is like to work a crime scene, go through a mock trial, and listen to law enforcement officers themselves explain what it is like to be in the profession every day. Participants will experience documenting a crime scene as well as learn fingerprinting, citizenship, basic fitness, and K9 presentation!

    Music Technology
    If you're interested in creating your own music, then this is the summer camp for you! In the Music Production summer camp, you will learn how to create & record your own music on industry-standard equipment/software as well as learn basic music theory to enhance your musical skillset. Campers will use software like Logic Pro, Garageband, and Pro Tools! Plus work in our Grayson Tech music studio!

    Campers will be creating three different photo projects while also learning about the history of photography! We'll begin with the basics: How to use a DSLR camera ( ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance, and Aperture). The students will also learn about different types of lenses and studio equipment, as well as master basic lighting techniques through hands-on activities in our real photography studio! The final project will focus on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom where campers learn basic editing techniques used to create the perfect photo. Campers will need to bring a flash drive and a sketchbook to record their notes, photoshop tutorials, and contact information. Bringing your own DSLR camera is advised but not required. Students need to bring their own SD Card for the camera because we cannot share these among the students due to Covid regulations. Students will be outdoors taking photos, so please wear sneakers if possible or bring an extra pair. Campers will leave with a professional headshot and many great digital projects to add to their portfolio!

    Sports Medicine
    Are you curious about what happens when an athlete is injured?  The Grayson Tech Sports Medicine Camp is designed especially for middle school students who are interested in sports healthcare.  You will gain basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology with an emphasis on caring for common sports injuries.  Plus, learn first aid and earn your certification in Family & Friends CPR so you can respond in a life-or-death situation! 

    Veterinary Science
    If you have an interest in the health and wellbeing of animals, the Grayson Tech Veterinary Science Summer Camp is “Purr-fect”! Come learn about the anatomy of different species and practice skills such as suturing, bandaging, and giving injections. We will even have our surgical suite in use one of the days so you can watch a dog get spayed or neutered and then picked up by Gwinnett County Shelter so they can be adopted and find their “fur-ever” home.