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  • The Plan...The Promise 2022-23

    CGHS The Plan...The Promise 2022-2023:  (English)  (Spanish)


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    Monday - Friday
    7:15 AM - 2:45 PM
    Tuesday and Thursday by Appointment

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    The CGHS Parent Center is located at Central Gwinnett High School across from the Main Office,
    next to the Student Support Center.  Please enter the school at the bus lane entrance.  There are designated parking spaces for visitors, including parallel parking available along the curbs. 

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    Brochures, Books and Other Student and Parent Resources to Use at Home

    • Effective Ways to be Involved in Your Teen's Education
    • Help Using Parent Portal and eClass
    • Assistance Connecting with Teachers and Administrators
    • Current Title I Information and Documents
    • Upcoming Family Workshops
    • Understanding Credits and Course History

  • What is Title I?

    What is Title I?

    • Title I is the largest federal assistance program for schools.
    • Title I schools and districts receive funds based upon the percentage of students qualifying to receive free or reduced price school meals.
    • Title I has the goal of ensuring that all children have access to quality instruction and resources that will enable them to meet state academic standards.
    • Title I helps parents and families to be more involved in their child’s education.
    • Central Gwinnett High School has a schoolwide Title I program, meaning all students, families and staff can benefit from Title I funds.

  • How Are Title I Funds Used?

    Title I funds can be used to:
    • Hire teachers
    • Provide supplemental professional learning for teachers
    • Purchase supplemental instructional materials
    • Improve curriculum
    • Enhance family engagement
    • Extend learning time for students who need extra help
    • Provide other activities that are tied to raising student achievement on the State’s academic achievement standards

  • How Can I Give Input Regarding the CGHS or GCPS Title I Programs?

    Central Gwinnett High School Title I Program

    Students, parents, family members and community members are always encouraged to give input regarding our school's Title I program. 

    This can be done by...

    • participating in the annual Title I Planning Meeting and the annual Title I Draft Documents Review, which are held in the Spring.  Dates and times will be advertised to our stakeholders.
    • attending various Title I/CGHS Parent Center meetings, which always have a feedback form that allows for comments regarding our Title I program.
    • communicating with our CGHS Parent Center coordinator (Cassie Milligan) or Assistant Principal for Title I (Ashley Broome).

    Please be aware that any comments regarding non-Title I areas will be forwarded to the appropriate school personnel. 

    GCPS Title I Program

    Students, parents, family members and community members are always encouraged to give input regarding our district's Title I program. 

    This can be done by...

    • attending a Federal Programs Family-School Partnership Advisory Council meeting. (Dates TBA on the CGHS Parent Center website and the GCPS Federal Programs website.)
    • participating in the annual Title I Planning Meeting and the annual Title I Draft Documents Review, which are held in the Spring.  Dates and times will be advertised to our stakeholders.
    • attending various Title I/CGHS Parent Center meetings, which always have a feedback form that allows for comments regarding the GCPS Title I program. All comments are forwarded to the county office.
    • communicating with our CGHS Parent Center coordinator (Cassie Milligan) or Assistant Principal for Title I (Ashley Broome).

  • CGHS Title I Contact Information

    Parent Instructional Coordinator (PIC):    Cassie Milligan click to email      770.822.6540
    Title I Assistant Principal:  
    Ashley Broomeclick to email     770.338.4860

  • GCPS Title I Contact Information

    Click the link to visit the GCPS Federal and Special Programs website, which has additional information about the Title I program in Gwinnett County Public Schools.  https://www.gcpsk12.org/Page/24911

Latest Edition of the CGHS Knightly Notes - Weekly Parent Center Newsletter

  • High School Graduation Requirements: Courses, Credits & Personal Credits Checklist

    High School Graduation Requirements

    In order to earn a regular Gwinnett County high school diploma, students must:  

    State-required Areas of Study

    To graduate, Georgia students must earn a minimum of 23 credits (also called units) in the following areas of study:

    Required Area of Study

    Credit / Unit

    Language Arts




    Science (3 required and 1 elective)


    Social Studies


    Modern/Classical Language and/
    or Technical Education
    and/or Fine Arts


    Health and Physical Education




    Use this CGHS Credits Checklist to keep track of course credits: CGHS Credits Checklist

    Contact the CGHS Parent Center or your child's counselor for additional information about high school graduation requirements.  

  • How to Access Parent Portal

    If you do not have a Parent Portal account, you have two options to open an account. 

    1. Go to the link below and print out the Parent Portal Form in your preferred language. Complete the form and take a clear photo of it. Also, take a photo of your ID. We will use this to verify you are the parent of the student. Send both of these images to the Parent Instructional Coordinator at cassie.milligan@gcpsk12.org.  You can also bring the completed form and your photo ID to the CGHS Parent Center.  

    2. Come to the school and ask for a Parent Portal Form. You will need your ID so that we can verify you are the parent of the student. 

    Click here to get the Parent Portal Form.

    What happens after you return the Parent Portal Form? 

    Next Steps:

    1. You will get an email from the county with a link. Click the link!
    2. Enter your LAST NAME and USER ID 

    LAST NAME: This must be the last name we have on file for you. 

    USER ID: This will be your email address on file. 

    1. Create your password.

    Login to the Parent Portal using your new password and user ID. 

    What if I already have a Parent Portal account but forgot my password? 

    On the log-in page, click on the link labeled "Forget your password?" Another page will display. Enter your email address. Your account information will be emailed to you. If you are unable to reset your password after completing these steps, contact the CGHS Parent Center.  

  • Attendance: Importance, Absences, Excused Absence Form, etc.

    Please help us to increase our student attendance percentages by ensuring your child is at school each day.

    Why is attendance important for your teen?

    • Students learn the academic content best when they are present at school.
    • Research shows that missing 10 percent of the school year, or about 18 days, negatively affects a student’s academic performance. That’s just two days a month and that’s known as chronic absenteeism.
    • A pattern of absences may put a student at risk of not mastering the Common Core Curriculum/ Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) for their courses, which can be reflected in failing grades. 

    How can you help with attendance?

    • Review the school calendar before scheduling appointments and vacations.
    • Schedule appointments after school or during school closings.
    • In the event your child has an appointment in the morning or afternoon of a school day, please bring them to school for part of that day based on their appointment time. They will have an opportunity to engage in learning for part of the day.
    • Monitor your teen's attendance via the Parent Portal.

    What should I do if my teen is absent with my knowledge?

    • Complete the CGHS Excused Absence Form (see below) and return it to the CGHS Attendance Desk.   
    • Student absences are unexcused until the CGHS Excused Absence Form is completed and turned in to the CGHS Attendance Desk. 
    • Reasons to be excused are listed on the Excused Absence Form.  Vacation absences are not excused.
    • If your teenager is absent for several days, contact your child's teachers or the school.  Students who are absent from school for ten consecutive days (unexcused absences) may be withdrawn from school. Upon return, parents can re-enroll students, but placement in the previous classes cannot be guaranteed.


    A state truancy law (O.C.G. Section 20-2-690.2) defines truant as “any child subject to compulsory school attendance who during the school calendar year has more than 5 days of unexcused absences.” Letters are automatically generated by Gwinnett County Public Schools for any student who misses 5 unexcused days from school. Parents will be invited to attend a Student Attendance Review Committee meeting with the counselor and social worker if there is a pattern of excessive absences which impacts student learning.

    Students will not be allowed to check out after 1:40 p.m. A parent wishing his or her child to be released from school must sign out the student at the attendance desk (School of the Arts entrance). For security reasons, anyone checking out a student is required to show a picture I.D. (i.e. Driver’s License) prior to allowing the student to exit the building.  STUDENTS ARE ONLY RELEASED TO PARENTS OR ADULTS LISTED ON THE STUDENT'S EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION.

    For additional attendance concerns, please contact the CGHS Attendance Desk at 

  • Monitoring Attendance in the Parent Portal

    Watch the videos below to learn how to view attendance in the Parent Portal. 

    Click here to watch the English video.

    Click here to watch the Spanish video.

  • 2022-2023 School Year Calendar

    2022-23 School Year

  • School Nutrition Program: School Meals Application, etc.

    2022-23 Free and Reduced Cost Meals Application (Available in July 2022)

    CGHS School Nutrition Program Website

    GCPS School Nutrition Program Website

  • MyPaymentsPlus

    MyPaymentsPlus InformationMyPaymentsPlus Image

    For assistance with setting up a MyPayments Plus account, refer to the instructions in various languages listed below. 

    ENGLISH Video: How To Set Up A My Payments Plus Parent Account

    SPANISH Video: How to Create a MyPaymentsPlus Parent Account

  • Not Receiving Emails from CGHS? Verify Your Contact Information!


      1. Check the Parent Portal for your email address and phone numbers on file. To make an update, contact the CGHS Student Support Center to make the change.

      2. If your email appears correct, yet you still are not getting the school email blasts or emails from teachers, then:

        • Check your Junk Email and search for messages from Central Gwinnett High School and no-reply@gcpsk12.org.

        • Add no-reply@gcpsk12.org to your email address book/contact list.

        • If Central Gwinnett HS email blasts are not in your Junk Email, then email the school at this link.

  • What Should I Do If I Have a School Concern?

    Addressing Concerns at School

    Gwinnett County Public Schools finds that the quickest and most effective way to resolve a concern regarding your child is by addressing it at the most direct level.Addressing Concerns at School: Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Associate Superintendent

    In our school district, we care about each and every student. We also believe that open and honest communication between parents and teachers is a key to student success. Thank you for partnering with your child’s teacher and school to address any concerns.

    1. Teacher - First, talk to your child’s teacher or a counselor at school for assistance. Most concerns are resolved at the
    classroom level.

    2. Assistant Principal - If the concern is not resolved at the classroom level, please visit with your child’s assistant principal.

    3. Principal - If working with the AP does not adequately address the issue, please meet with the school principal.

    4. Assistant Superintendent - If the issue persists, please call 678-301-6000, and ask to speak to the assistant superintendent who is assigned to the school your child attends.

    5. Associate Superintendent's Office - If, after following steps one through four, your concern has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please contact the Associate Superintendent for School Improvement and Operations.

    Other Resources
    If you are experiencing an emergency, dial 9-1-1. The GCPS Hotline for anonymous reporting of potential violence is 770-822-6513. If you have a non-emergency criminal concern, please contact local law enforcement.

    Please click one of the files for a downloadable view of this information:

  • Title I Document Availability

    2022-23 CGHS Title I documents can be accessed from the:

    • CGHS Website
    • CGHS Parent Center
    • MyPaymentsPlus (The Plan...The Promise)

  • CGHS The Plan...The Promise, 2022-23

    CGHS The Plan...The Promise 2022-23  ENGLISH

    CGHS The Plan...The Promise 2022-23 SPANISH

  • GCPS Family and Community Engagement Plan and Videos, 2021-2022

    2021-22 GCPS Family and Community Engagement Plan - English 

    Video Link

    2021-22 GCPS Family and Community Engagement Plan - Español 

    Video Link

  • GCPS Federal Programs Family-School Partnership Advisory Council, 2022-23

    Information and dates for the 2022-23 school year to be announced. 

  • CGHS Title I Budget, 2022-23

    Central Gwinnett Title 1 Budget 2022-2023 (Coming in September 2022)


  • Parent Survey Results, 2020-21 (English)

    Parent Survey Results 2020-2021

  • Parent Right to Know, 2022-23

    Parents have the right to request information about the degree and qualifications of their child's teacher(s) and paraprofessional(s), if applicable.  Please refer to the GCPS Student-Parent Handbook or contact your school's principal for more information. 

    Los padres tienen derecho a solicitar información sobre el título y las calificaciones del maestro(s) y paraprofessional(es) de su hijo, si corresponde.  Consulte el Manual para Padres y Estudiantes de GCPS o comuníquese con el Director de su escuela para obtener más información.