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    Soaring Eagle Players


    Drama at Creekland Middle School aims to promote growth in our students, through peer collaboration, Modern and Historical Theatrical training and experiences, and provides students with hands on training in the various different skills that are used in theatrical performances.

  • Mission & Vision


    The Mission of the Soaring Eagle Players is to encourage creative action for our students by providing them with the skills and training to become well rounded theatre practitioners.



    We strive to see a world where every student can express themselves through the scope of theatrical experience, performance, and collaboration.

  • Classes

    • 6th Grade Theatre Arts
    • 7th Grade Theatre Arts
    • 7th Grade Advanced Theatre Arts
    • 8th Grade Theatre Arts
    • 8th Grade Advanced Theatre Arts

  • Tickets

    In accordance with the GCPS COVID-19 protocol, we will not be producing any live performances for the foreseeable future. However, we will be recording our performances and streaming them via Zoom.

    Because of the hectic times that we are living in, we will not be charging for tickets this year. However, we are accepting donations to our program, as a supplement for those ticket sales.

    If you would like to attend one of our streamed shows, please email Dakota.Stockton@gcpsk12.org to have your name added to the list.