• Virtual Credit Recovery Courses




    The purpose of the Georgia Credit Recovery Program is to provide GA high school students with an opportunity to recover credit for selected courses previously attempted and failed with a grade between 50-69%.  Credit Recovery is an online computer course designed for students to complete with limited or NO assistance from a local school monitor or teacher.  Credit Recovery is NOT for students who need one-on-one help, or did not get the basic understanding of the course content the first time the course was attempted.

                Exams: All non-EOC courses may include a final exam.  EOC Courses:  2nd semester ninth and eleventh Language Arts, 2nd semester  US History, Economics, 2nd semester Biology, 2nd semester Algebra 1, and 2nd semester Geometry. These courses may require an additional day for EOC testing. The date will be set by the State Department of Education, and you will be notified of this date by school administration prior to the day of the test.

                Course Format:  Completion of the course does not mean that the student has successfully received credit. Material is presented online throughout the Georgia Virtual School’s Credit Recovery page at gacreditrecovery.org. The course moves at the pace of each student. To complete a credit recovery course, a student must complete all post-tests with a grade of 70% or above (retakes are allowed), an essay for language arts classes, and a final exam. All course work and post-tests must be completed by the session end date.

                Grades:  Students and parents can see final grades and progress through the Georgia Virtual School website. After successful completion of the course, students should contact the Collins Hill Community School at collins.hill.community.school@gcpsk12.org.

  • Credit Recovery Details

    What is the schedule for Credit Recovery?

    Credit recovery courses are being offered in September, December, March, and June of the 2021/22 school year. Please visit the school’s website at collinshill.org for specific dates, registration forms, and more information.


    How much does a Credit Recovery course cost?



    How does Credit Recovery work?

    • Students take a pretest at the beginning of each unit. If that score is 85% or higher, the student is allowed to proceed directly to that unit's posttest.  If the pretest score is less than 85%, the student must view every content item in the unit. The posttest will be available to the student when all items have been completed.
    • In order to move out of one unit into the next, the student must score a 70% or higher on the unit posttest.
    • Only unit posttests/final exams/EOC assessments are recorded in the final grade. Students must complete the entire course and the final exam or EOC to receive credit for the course.
    • NCAA does NOT accept Georgia Virtual School Credit Recovery credits.
  • Courses & Registration

    Which Credit Recovery courses are offered?

    • 9th Language Arts*
    • 10th Language Arts*
    • 11th Language Arts*
    • 12th Language Arts*
    • Anatomy/Physiology
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Environmental Science
    • World History
    • US History
    • Economics
    • Political Systems
    • Algebra IGeometry
    • Precalculus

    *Please note: If you are taking a language arts class, submit your essay first as it takes 10–14 days to grade.


    How Do I Sign Up For A Credit Recovery Course?

    Step 1.  Visit the Guidance Office (1.302), Community School Office (1.338/1.339), or Mrs. Miller’s office (1.006) to pick up a registration form.

    Step 2.  Meet with your counselor to determine if you are eligible to take a Credit Recovery course. Your counselor will sign off on your registration form if you are approved.

    Step 3.  Go to the mypaymentsplus.com website to select and pay for your course. Be careful to select the course labeled Collins Hill Virtual Credit Recovery.

    Step 4.  Turn in your completed registration form with counselor approval to Mrs. Miller (1.006) or to the Community School Office (1.338/1.339).

    Step 5.  Create an account by visiting the Georgia Virtual Credit Recovery website at www.gacreditrecovery.org choose “Log In To Credit Recovery” > “Student Login” > “Register”. Please make note of your login ID and password as you will need this to login to complete your coursework once class begins.