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    Science Fair

2021 Science Fair Project Timeline

    1. Project plan & proposal is due by 10/1/2021 (Google classroom by Group)
      1. Confirm a title with a topic with/without partners (limited to 3/group)
      2. Do research (Online Research Library)
      3. Write questions, hypotheses, variables, and research
    2. Experimental design
      1. Get ready all materials to conduct the first trial due by 10/15/2021 (Google classroom by group)
      2. Modify some procedures, solve issues and conduct 2nd trial due by 11/19/2021 (Google classroom by Group)
    3. Paperwork is due by 10/22/2021 (Google classroom by Group)
    4. Complete 3rd trial and draft of the report due by 12/17/2021 (Google classroom by Group)
    5. Complete Google slide report 01/12/21 (Google classroom by Group)
      1. Based on the template with graphs and Charts, Analysis, Conclusions due by
    6. Presentations in a class by 01/14/2021
    7. Ready to present at school due by 1/20/2021
      1. (Summit Project Google slide report with abstract to Dr. Shang)