• ELL Department

  • Mission

    Ensure that English Language Learners in Gwinnett County Public Schools achieve excellence by attaining proficiency in English and meeting or exceeding grade level AKS in all content areas as quickly as possible. 

  • Vision

    English Learners (ELs) graduate from GCPS fully proficient in English, prepared for college and career and ready to participate as responsible individuals in a representative democracy that operates on the global stage.As problem solvers and communicators with an international perspective, they will contribute to the prosperity and global competitiveness of their individual communities, Gwinnett County and the State of Georgia.

  • Philosophy

    Each English Learner comes to school uniquely equipped with valuable skills and experiences rooted in other places and cultures. GCPS provides effective instruction that recognizes these skills and allows ELL students to expediently:

    • attain proficiency in English
    • perform at or above grade level in academics. 

ELL Course Offerings


    ESOL Level I: ESOL I Language, ESOL I Literature, LDC I
    ESOL Level II: ESOL II Language, ESOL II Literature, and LDC-II
    ESOL Level III: ESOL III Language and LDC III
    ESOL Level IV: ESOL IV Language and LDC IV

    **In addition, a variety of sheltered courses are offered to EL students and EL monitored students.