• Final Exams


    FINAL EXAMS:  20% of the overall grade

    Cumulative final exams will be given the last 4 days of each semester. We ask that you avoid scheduling appointments during the final days of the semester because of review for and administration of the final exams. Exams will not be given early. Students will not be permitted to check out during an exam period. If a student misses an exam due to an excused reason, the exam can made up during the week listed below. Students may not use pre-arranged absences on exam days. Vacation and traveling outside of the country are not excused absences. Semester grades for all Language Arts, PE, Foreign Language and Technical Education classes are comprised of a 10% multiple choice final exam and a 10% writing/performance exam unless there is a required Milestone or district exam. All other courses have a breakdown of 15% for multiple choice and 5% for performance/writing.

  • Performance Finals Fall 2021

    Wednesday, December 1

    Social Studies

    Thursday, December 2


    Friday, December 3

    Language Arts

    Tuesday, December 7


    Thursday, December 9


    Final Exams Fall 2021

    Tuesday, December 14 (full school day)

    1st Period

    Wednesday, December 15 (early release)

    2nd & 3rd Periods

    Thursday, December 16 (early release)

    4th & 5th Periods

    Friday, December 17 (early release)

    6th & 7th Periods


    **Full Schedule