• We are so excited to reintroduce the Advisement program at McConnell Middle!


    We are meeting with the students every Monday morning to talk about social and emotional topics. The teachers are joining the conversational circle and becoming true ADVISORS to the students.


    In August, we discussed our Tiger Traits (ask your students about those!), set expectations for the learning environment and discussed safety protocols. In September, we set goals and established our student government. All of these topics are discussed through the lens of a GROWTH MINDSET. In addition to discussing these topics with our students on Monday mornings, we are revisiting them during our academic classes each week.


    We are enjoying getting to know your kids and are so proud of all that they are accomplishing. We look forward to continuing to support them with opportunities and tools to get to know themselves better and push themselves farther.


    Please click on the links below for your student's grade level to see what we are discussing and continue the discussion at home!