• Rising 9th Grade Information 


    Welcome to the Class of 2026!

    We are so excited to have you in the Freshman Academy here at Peachtree Ridge HS! The Freshman Academy consists of a team of teachers, two counselors, and an assistant principal who are completely dedicated to supporting the academic, emotional, and behavioral needs specific to ninth graders. All Freshman students are members of the Academy and we are housed on the A200 hallway (second floor) on the Peachtree Ridge HS campus. Our mission is to create a well-rounded, balanced, positive, and enjoyable high school experience for all Freshman students. Our ultimate goal is to support graduates who are ready to contribute as productive citizens in a dynamic, global environment and succeed in college and/or career endeavors. 

    Please review the three Freshman Academy presentation videos below for information regarding the block schedule, quarter system, specialty programs, and athletics opportunities at Peachtree Ridge. We have also provided several links, resources, and presentations below to highlight the various departments of our school. 

    If you have any additional questions, please contact our Freshman Academy team:

          Gwendolyn Danner (Counselor for Last Name A-La) gwendolyn.danner@gcpsk12.org

          Aubrey Banks (Counselor for Last Name Lb-Z) aubrey.banks@gcpsk12.org

          Brittany Devitt (9th Grade Assistant Principal) brittany.devitt@gcpsk12.org 

  • Middle School Message

    Please review the videos below regarding the specific registration process at Hull and Northbrook Middle. Questions regarding the registration timeline or process may be answered by the 8th-grade office from each middle school.

    For Hull Middle School, please contact the 8th-grade assistant principal lachelle.kegler@gcpsk12.org or counselor erin.sprinkle@gcpsk12.org

    Hull Middle Message

    For Northbrook Middle School, please contact the 8th-grade assistant principal dora.mckissock@gcpsk12.org or counselor sheron.jones@gcpsk12.org

    Northbrook Middle Message

  • Resources

    These resources highlight the available electives, programs, courses, and expectations of the Freshman Academy. 

    Freshman Course Book 22-23

    Freshman Elective List

    Freshman Experience

    Health/PE Summer Information

  • Advanced Placement

    Freshman students have the opportunity to enroll in AP Human Geography at Peachtree Ridge. For most freshman students, this year-long course is their first experience in reading, writing, and producing work at the college level. To learn more information regarding the expectations and rigor of our AP Human Geography course, please reference the video below. Any questions regarding AP Human Geography may be directed to amy.wildey@gcpsk12.org or andy.pasarilla@gcpsk12.org 

    AP Human Geography

    Additionally, please review the video below highlighting other courses and acceleration pathways available through our Advanced Placement department. For questions regarding our Advanced Placement program, please contact carrie.petty@gcpsk12.org

    AP Program Overview

  • Athletics

    The Athletic Department at Peachtree Ridge offers a wide variety of Fall, Winter, and Spring sports to support the development of your student athlete. For information regarding schedules and sport requirements, please see the PRHS Athletic webpage linked below. Additional questions may also be directed to our Athletics Assistant Principal ryan.lesniak@gcpsk12.org

    Athletics Introduction Video

    Athletics Website

  • Career & Technical Education

    We invite all Freshman students to explore the electives available through our Career & Technical Education (CTE) department. Students are able to take an introductory level course and complete the CTE pathway through a sequence of three courses. Many of our pathways include industry certification assessments and internship experiences. Please review the presentation below highlighting the available CTE courses and career pathways available at Peachtree Ridge. Any questions may be directed to Nicole Lassiter at nicole.lassiter@gcpsk12.org 

    CTE Introduction

    CTE Presentation

    CTE Pathways

  • Fine Arts

    A wide variety of performance-based electives are offered at Peachtree Ridge. Please see the website below regarding the unique opportunities our Performing Arts department offers for freshman students. Additional questions may be directed to andy.edwards@gcpsk12.org 

    Fine Arts Webpage

  • LEAP

    The Literacy & Entrepreneurship Advancement Program (LEAP) provides students with an enriching learning experience to earn Language Arts course credit while completing the Marketing Management Pathway requirements.

    Students will learn to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and use critical thinking skills to identify opportunities, overcome challenges, learn from decisions, and take action for continuous improvement. Questions regarding the program may be directed to nicole.lassiter@gcpsk12.org or stephanie.stone@gcpsk12.org

    LEAP Intro Video

    LEAP Website

  • Math

    Students are able to complete a variety of math pathway sequences at Peachtree Ridge. Please review the following presentation to learn about the various courses and pathways available to our students. Additional questions regarding math content may be directed to irene.donahue@gcpsk12.org 

    Math Video


    STEM Program for Innovation, Rigor, and Excellence (SPIRE) is a Georgia Department of Education STEM-certified program. Students complete work through a project or problem-based environment, and are asked to collaborate, research, and engineer solutions for real-world problems. Questions regarding the STEM program may be directed to rossie.kennedy@gcpsk12.org

    SPIRE Introduction Video

    SPIRE Program Overview

    SPIRE Website

  • World Language

    Our World Language department currently offers Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish courses. Additional questions regarding our language program may be directed to melanie.hutsell@gcpsk12.org

    World Language Video

  • Questions?

    Any further questions for the Freshman Academy team?  Please submit your questions on this google form.