School Managed Chromebooks for Student Checkout

  • Duluth students are expected to bring a device and charger every day to all classes. Students may bring their own laptop/chromebook. However, if you need a device, students can check out a chromebook from DHS by going to the admin office on the 4th floor of the 600 building with Mrs. Green. Protective cases are available for purchase through the school store. Please note that student checkout is for the whole school year. Devices and chargers will be collected at the end of the school year in May. If your student(s) withdraws from Duluth prior to that time, they can return their device to the 4th floor, 600 building admin office, the counseling office, or the Tech Office in the 200 building. 

    Students are responsible for their devices and DHS is not responsible for lost/stolen or damaged devices. 

    Fees will be assessed if damage or loss occurs to school-managed devices. A fee schedule will be provided at checkout along with an end user agreement. Digital copies are available below. 

    Fees for Damaged/Lost Devices

    Lost Chromebook............$270
    Damaged Screen............$50
    Damaged Keyboard........$50
    Lost/Damaged Charger...$26

    As of 1/28, Duluth High School is participating in the pilot of Lightspeed. This content filtering tool will be loaded on GCPS Chromebooks that are available for student checkout. Lightspeed will provide a layer of protection as students browse the internet on district devices when they are off campus. The tool is designed to provide an off-campus browsing experience much like the one students have when they are on the GCPS network at school. Lightspeed will also be applied when students use their GCPS Google account to log onto their own Chromebook or use the Chrome browser while off campus. (Note that this tool does not filter content accessed with a personal Google account or other devices.)

    21-22 Duluth HS Acceptable Use of Electronic Media for Chromebook Checkout