Media / Technology Committee

  • This is a school-sponsored activity. A school Media Committee is required by GCPS policy.

  • Mission / Purpose

    Role of School Media Committee

    The IFAA board policy requires that each school have a media committee that is composed of an administrator, media specialist, and representatives for teachers, students and the community. As an integral component of a quality media program that supports teaching and learning, the school media committee:

    • Complies with established system policies/procedures
    • Establishes media program short and long term goals based on local school plans for improvement
    • Provides input on school media program policies and procedures
    • Recommends priorities for the media center budget
    • Fosters good public relations by sharing media program activities with school faculty and the community
    • Encourages collaborative planning among administration, instructional and media personnel
    • Provides input in the selection of materials for purchase for the media center
    • Evaluates the existing collection to ensure media center resources are current and support the curriculum
    • Evaluates the acceptability of donated/gift materials
    • Establishes and applies a decision making process for discarding materials within system policies
    • Reviews proposed purchases of supplementary materials to determine suitability and value of the materials and to insure against unnecessary duplication
    • Reviews software for instructional value to be used in school
    • Recommends procedures that insure accessibility to media services for all students and teachers
    • Responds to formal challenges regarding materials used in the school through established procedures
    • Recommends procedures for establishing and maintaining cooperation and communication with other agencies, i.e., public library
    • Recommends procedures to insure copyright compliance
  • Planned Activities

    One meeting to receive input on the media and technology program at Parkview. Additional meetings could be called in the event of a book challenge.

  • Faculty Contact

    Heidi Campbell, Anna Colley