• Welcome to Snellville Middle School!

    Dear Snellville Middle School Students and parents,

    I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer recharging and preparing for the start of a new school year. As I enter my 10th year as Principal of Snellville Middle, I am just as excited about the 2022-2023 school year as if it were my first year. I hope you are too!

    This school year we are delighted that each and every student in Gwinnett County Public Schools will be issued a Chromebook. Students will no longer need to bring a personal device from home or use their cell phones for instructional use during the school day. As a result of our district 1:1 device initiative, all students will have the same access to digital resources and support. This is wonderful news!

    To support our students and refocus their attention on learning, beginning this school year at Snellville Middle we will institute a cell phone practice called “Unplug 2 Learn”, and put your cell phone "Away for the day". Research indicates that cell phones and cell phone access during the school day is a distraction for students. Our goal is to engage our students and support them in their academic success, and promote face-to-face social interaction and connection by removing a major barrier – cell phones. Over the past several years, cell phone use during the school day has been at the center of student conflicts, distractions, and a myriad of inappropriate use. Our Unplug 2 Learn practice means our students’ cell phones are turned off and will remain in their book bags, purses, or lockers for the duration of the school day. Wireless or Bluetooth headphones/earbuds are included in the Away for the Day practice. Students will use only wired headsets or earbuds with their district-issued Chromebook. To keep our focus on learning during the school day, the Unplug 2 Learn practice will mean the following: 

    • Cell phones and all mobile devices will be turned off when entering the school campus.
    • Cell phones and all mobile devices will be kept in a backpack, purse, or locker. Not in clothing pockets.
    • Cell phones are not allowed to be used in the classroom, hallways, cafeteria, restrooms, or any common areas.
    • Cell phones are not allowed to be used during transition times or between classes.
    • If a student needs to make an emergency call during the day, they are to come to any office. If a parent needs to reach a child in an emergency they can call the main office.
    • Cell phones can be turned back on at 4:00 p.m. during afternoon dismissal. 


    I am optimistic about our new cell phone practice as it will mean our students can focus on learning and are free from negativity and unnecessary distractions. I hope you will join me in supporting this new initiative and talk with your son or daughter about the expectations regarding cell phones this school year. 

    Our wonderful teachers and staff are already planning for students to return to school. Our office team is ordering supplies, updating records, and registering new families. Our hard-working and conscientious custodians are spending the entire summer thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing our building. All signs are pointing to a positive, productive, and exciting new school year!

    So, let’s all get ready! Please join us for an Open House on Thursday, July 28th, from 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Parents and students will have an opportunity to meet their teachers, complete any necessary paperwork, tour the school, meet with bus transportation representatives, and much more.

    I am always enthusiastic about the fresh outlook and opportunities a new school year brings, and 2022-2023 is no exception. Together as a school community, I know we will make this school year one of growth and achievement for each and every child.

    It continues to remain an honor and privilege to serve as your school principal. 


    Katise Taylor


Open House is July 28th at 3 PM
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