About Us

  • Supporting and maintaining the digital infrastructure for Team GCPS, and facilitating technology platforms that allow our students to achieve and perform with excellence.

    The Office of Technology and Innovation manages the school district's technology resources, tools, infrastructure, and digital platforms that serve more than 180,000 students and 22,000 members of Team GCPS.

    As stated in Our Blueprint for the Future: Building the Bridge from Empathy to Excellence, the Office of Technology and Innovation will "revise and implement updated systems, structures, and processes for progress monitoring."

    The following offices are aligned to support these initiatives:

    The Office of Information Security
    The Office of Infrastructure & Operations
    The Office of Information Systems & Solutions
    The Office of Enterprise Support Services
    The Office of Instructional Technology & Innovation

Glenn Melendez
  • Glenn Melendez

    Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

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    Executive Assistant 

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