GES Parent Liaison

  • Ways We Assist...

    > Serve as the liaison between parents, teachers, and school personnel.
    > Coordinate parenting sessions and activities.
    > Communicate issues of interest to parents through various formats.
    > Provide information to families regarding available public and private resources. 
    > Assist staff with follow-up of core parent issues.  

  • Greetings GES Parents,

    My name is Andrea Carignano, and I am your Parent Liaison. I am very excited to begin this journey with you; working alongside you so that you may become a partner in the educational process. I will be here to guide you in expressing your part as a leader in your own child’s future. It is my promise to you to work with you so that we can reach the key to student success! We have an open-door policy and will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have. As your Parent Liaison, my goals are to motivate, empower and assist you by creating wonderful programs and events that adhere to the curriculum, in addition to being innovative and memorable.

  • If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our Parent Liaison at (770) 682-3869 or email Mrs. Carignano at



  • Grayson Families!

    My name is Andre Carignano. I am the Parent Coordinator for Grayson Elementary School. Your family is important to us. I would like to introduce myself so that you know about my work at the school. Please read the letter linked below. 

    ¡Familias de Grayson!

    Mi nombre es Andrea Carignano. Soy la Coordinadora de Padres de la Escuela de Grayson y su familia es importante para nosotros. Me gustaría presentarme para que conozca mi trabajo en la escuela. ¡Por favor lea la carta que aparece a continuación!