• Enchanted Forest Ramsey Conf Center
    2023 Seckinger's Inaugural Prom

    (Please Carefully Read Each Section and Pay Attention to Critical Date Deadlines)

  • Date: Saturday, March 18, 2023

    Time: 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

    Location: Lanier Technical College - RAMSEY CENTER

    Address: 2535 Lanier Tech Dr, Gainesville, GA 30507
    (30 minute drive from Seckinger High School)

    Theme:  Enchanted Forest

    Cost PER TICKET: Dependent on Date Purchased 
        ~$75 from Monday, Jan. 16 - Wednesday, Feb. 15
        ~$85 from Thursday, Feb. 16 - Wednesday, March 1
        ~$95 from Thursday, March 2 - Sunday, March 12, up until 11:59 PM
    *Tickets will NOT BE SOLD after Sunday, March 12 at 11:59 PM - NO EXCEPTIONS
         *ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL! Refunds will NOT BE ISSUED!   
         *Only purchase tickets if you are in good standing at SKG which was explained at the SKG Prom Meeting on January 12 AND also do not have outstanding fines. 
         *Tickets are non-transferable

    Mandatory Dress Code Requirements: 
    *Prom is a formal event. 
    *Students should wear a tuxedo, dark suit, formal evening gown, cocktail dress, or dressy separates.
    *No revealing attire is allowed in the venue.  

    Who Can Purchase a Ticket:  
       ~Any Parent of an SKG Junior or Senior (Student should not have any outstanding fines, such as parking tickets, textbook fines, etc...)
       ~Any Parent of an SKG Junior or Senior may purchase a ticket for their child and their child's guest if the guest is not a current SKG Junior or Senior. Only one guest is allowed per student.

    What Are the Requirements for My Guest to Attend:
    ~Student guests must either be currently enrolled in a HIGH SCHOOL or if they have recently graduated - they are not older than 20 years of age.
       ~This Non-SKG Student Guest Application  is required if your guest is NOT a current Seckinger student. Print the form, complete all sections including administrator signatures from other high schools, and turn in no later than Monday, March 13 by 2:30 pm. We will reach out to local school administrators to verify approval after forms have been submitted.
       ~Non-SKG Guest Applications WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER Monday, March 13. (Return Document With Signatures to Mrs. Benson in Room 327 or Mrs. Croy in the SKG Library BEFORE 2:10 pm on Monday, March 13.)  
       ~All guests must be in good standing and be pre-approved for admittance. The SKG student will receive an email stating if the guest has been approved.

    What Online Forms and Applications Must be Completed for Prom Approval:
    ~It is MANDATORY that EACH Seckinger High School Student who plans to attend Prom completes the SKG Prom Rules
       ~If your guest is not a current Seckinger High School student, they will also need to complete the Non-SKG Student Guest Application (Return Document With Signatures to Mrs. Benson in Room 327 or Mrs. Croy in the SKG Library BEFORE 2:10 pm on Monday, March 13.)  
              *Please be aware that if your guest is not a current GCPS student, then YOU as the SKG Student will be required to submit a copy of your guest's photo ID (current school ID, license, Passport, etc) to the Dropbox in the SKG Rules Form.
              *Please have this ready prior to completing the Rules Form so your computer/phone doesn't time out.
        ~Remember: ALL GUESTS must be in good standing at their current school to attend the Prom. 

    Purchasing Tickets: All tickets 
    1. Click My Payments Plus.   
    2. Login as an SKG Junior/Senior Parent to see the ticket options.
    3. Ask your child if he/she is in good standing and if they have outstanding fines. (Fines should be paid prior to purchasing tickets as prom ticket refunds will not be issued.)
    4. Select the Junior or Senior Student Name if you have multiple children enrolled in GCPS.
    5. Select if you're buying a ticket for your child and/or a guest.
        *No student will be admitted with multiple guests. 
        *If the student and guest are both Seckinger 11th or 12th-grade students, each SKG student should purchase their own ticket. An SKG student will not be considered as a guest.
    6. If you have questions about accessing MyPaymentsPlus, please email Susan.Ogburn@gcpsk12.org.  



  • What to Complete PRIOR TO Sunday, March 12, 2023.
    *Please be aware that tickets cannot be purchased after March 12 and that SKG Prom Rules Forms will NOT be accepted after March 12.
    *Completed Non-SKG Student Guest Applications with signatures will be accepted by Mrs. Benson in Room 327 or Mrs. Croy in the SKG Library BEFORE 2:10 pm on Monday, March 13. *Late forms will not be accepted.

    • Ticket Purchase Done Online with parents login (Due March 12 by 11:59 pm)
    • Non-SKG Student Guest Application (Return Document With Signatures to Mrs. Benson in Room 327 or Mrs. Croy in the SKG Library BEFORE 2:10 pm on Monday, March 13.)
    • SKG Prom Rules (An Online Form - SKG Student Must be Signed into Their GCPS Google Account to Access - Due March 12 by 11:59 pm)

    What Do I Need to Take With Me to Be Admitted into Prom?   
    1. Current Form of Photo ID Per Person Attending
    2. Proof of Ticket(s) Purchased Prior to March 12. 
    3. If you have a non-SKG date, please enter the venue together.

    What Do I Need to Do PRIOR to March 17? 
    1. Make sure that you have paid all outstanding fines - you will NOT be allowed into prom if you owe a fine.
        *(If you incurred a fine after you purchased your tickets, you will need to have paid that fine prior to coming to prom.)
    2. The guest must have been pre-approved.

    Are There Restrictions on What I Can Bring to Prom?
    ~Students may not bring in backpacks or large bags to Prom. 
      (A student may bring a small purse or clutch no larger than 4.5” X 6.5”)
    ~No outside food or drinks are allowed. 
    ~All GCPS school rules apply to this event. 

    What are the Student Rules and Responsibilities When at Prom?
    ~All GCPS student behavior code rules apply to students participating in prom. 
    ~Once students check in to prom, they will not be allowed to leave and re-enter
    ~Students must stay in the chaperoned areas designated for prom participants.

    Who Do I Contact if I Have Questions?
    Click this EMAIL LINK to send in your question.