• Posted March 1, 2023

    On behalf of our principal at Grayson High School, Dr. Dana Pugh, we invite all rising 9th graders and their parents to our Rising 9th Grade Night on Tuesday, March 7th. This evening, students and parents will see the most updated list of courses requested for the 2023-24 school year. In addition, students and families can attend sessions covering the differences between class levels and visit with elective teachers. We encourage students and their families to visit the following links to prepare for the evening and registration for the next school year. 

      • Link to Rising 9th-grade evening information, including an Overview of the Rising 9th-grade evening, the Session Topics we will offer, and a map for the evening.  
      • Link to our Grayson High School Registration SiteEach student must complete the electronic form on this site sometime in March. This form includes choosing their electives for the next school year. Students can complete the electronic document before March 7th or the week after.