Ensuring effectiveness and educational return on investment.

  • The Office of Business Operations (which represents both Business and Finance and Facilities and Operations), in alignment with Our Blueprint for the Future: Building the Bridge from Empathy to Excellence, supports the Strategic Priority #3, Effectiveness, and is charged with the goal: "Measure and report educational return on investment to inform budget and resource allocation decisions and drive continuous improvement."

    We will achieve this goal through the following areas of focus:,

    • Maintain historically strong fiscal management practices and develop a decision matrix to evaluate the trade-offs between investing in student needs and prioritizing fund balance growth.
    • Evaluate operational spending and contracted services to maximize productivity and efficiency towards reallocating cost savings to support students and teachers.
    • Create systems to rate the quality and condition of physical learning environments to ensure they are conducive to teaching and learning.

    To support this work, the following teams will partner collaboratively:


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