Early Childhood Special Education

  • child playing with green plastic toy Gwinnett County Early Childhood Special Education Program is designed with the developmental stages of the young child in mind. We offer a play-based curriculum through which the child's learning goals -- the Individual Education Program (IEP) -- can be addressed.

    Our goal is to lead and support the education of young children, in partnership with families, and to provide each child with special needs a rich and challenging educational experience.

  • Who Qualifies?

    Any preschool child, 3, 4, or 5 years old, who is found eligible because he or she shows:

    • developmental delays.
    • attention or behavior problems.
    • speech and/or language difficulties.
    • hearing or vision impairments.
    • physical or medical disabilities.

    Eligibility is determined through evaluation by a team of specialists with input from the parents. Learn more about our special needs preschool services.

  • Where are services provided?

    Special Education Preschool Services are provided at a variety of locations throughout Gwinnett County. Based on your child's needs, IEPs may be addressed:

    • in your child's current preschool or day care center.
    • in a preschool or day care center working with GCPS.
    • in your home.
    • in a classroom housed within a Gwinnett County School.

    These placements may be supported by one or more of the following:

    • parent training programs.
    • speech/language therapy.
    • occupational therapy.
    • physical therapy.
    • vision and hearing services.
    • transportation.
    • other services as needed.

    There is no fee for any service offered.

  • When should I call?

    Call now if you think your child may need our services. Children who qualify may be served as early as their third birthday.

  • Why are services offered?

    Because we believe:

    • all children have the potential to learn and succeed.
    • success is best fostered by close collaboration between families and educators.
    • a "team" approach promotes development in all areas of a child's life.
    • early intervention does make a difference.

  • How do I apply for services?

    Please review the Early Childhood Program brochure and download the following documents (English and Spanish translations below). To receive additional information, contact our parent referral line: (678) 301-7244, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.