Summer Learning
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Don't Stop Learning Just Because It Is Summer!

  • What is Summer Learning (SEA)?

    The SEA program provides extended learning opportunities to support the grade-level readiness of students who need to meet promotional requirements through an engaging learning environment that includes hands-on experimental enrichment activities. Students will work in flexible learning groups and teachers will share information in new ways to help your child meet promotion criteria. In addition, all students in SEA will participate in enrichment activities. Fun and engaging learning opportunities will cover subject areas typically offered in Specials and Connections Courses.

  • Who can attend the SEA program?

    Schools have selected students who are not meeting promotion requirements to participate in the program.

    If selected, parents/ guardians will receive communication through email on how to register their child.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Digital Summer Support

    ALL students in grades K–8 can access the Digital Summer Support eCLASS page to participate in self-paced, online summer support opportunities in reading and math from June 5–July 7.

    Digital Summer Support Information