Back to School 23.24
  • Start your Back to School process here!  Every Craig family will receive in the mail an "Express Pass" postcard for each child registered at Craig Elementary.  By Completing all the required elements on the "Express Pass" postcard, you will be ready for Open House on Thursday, July 27th, 2023.

    Beginning July 17, 2023, all required Open House forms, school contributions, and PTA items will be available online through MyPaymentsPlus and the PTA website. 

    If you have more then one student at Craig, you will need to complete forms for each student separately.

    Follow each step below so you are ready to attend Open House!

  • Registration Step #1
  • Step 1:  Visit MyPaymentsPlus

    What will I do with MyPaymentsPlus?

    Required GCPS forms should be digitally acknowledged or signed by parents.  These include GCPS release forms/waivers regarding attendance, student information protocols, acceptable use policies for technology, Craig and GCPS student handbooks and more. In MyPaymentsPlus, you can view each document and check the box acknowledging you have seen it.  Each document should be acknowledged for EACH child you have registered at Craig ES.  

    On MyPaymentsPlus, pay student fees (including adding money to your child's cafeteria account) or make contributions to Craig ES to help with many areas of our school on MyPaymentsPlus.      

    Purchase a window cling for a car rider number, if you don't already have one.  You will have the same car rider number the entire time you are at Craig Elementary.

     Click HERE to go to MyPaymentsPlus.


    Need help with MyPaymentsPlus?  Click HERE for a video help guide.


  • Registration Step #2
  • Step 2:  Sign Up for Open House Appointment Time

    How do I sign up for an Open House appointment?

    Before you sign up for an Open House appointment, you will need to know your child's teacher for the 2023-2024 school year.  Class lists will be posted on the front doors of Craig Elementary.  Class lists will be posted on the afternoon of July 23, 2023.  Students with any incomplete registrations or missing information (vaccination forms, residency affidavits, lease updates, etc) will not be posted on a class list. Do not call school to get your child's teacher.  Instead, come join in the fun with your friends and neighbors on the front porch at Craig!  Buddy's Bit will post an announcement as soon as the lists are up and ready to be viewed.

    Open House appointments are scheduled through PTCfast, which is the same place we schedule all of our parent conferences during the school year.  On July 23, 2023, the appointment schedules will be open for you to sign up.  

    Sign up for an appointment time for each child you have at Craig with their classroom teacher.  If you have 2 students at Craig, you will need to sign up for 2 different appointment times, one with each teacher.  

    Write your PTCfast appointment time(s) on your "Express Pass" postcard.

    ⇒  Click HERE to go to PTCfast

  • Step 3
  • Step 3:  Visit Craig's PTA Website

    What will I do on the Craig PTA website?

    Craig PTA does a wonderful job of supporting the students and staff at Craig Elementary.  There are many opportunities to volunteer and get involved. 

    Be sure to order your child's Colt Class Pack!  What does the Colt Class Pack include? The Class Pack includes your child's class t-shirt (used for field trips, field day and spirit days), money contributions towards all holiday class parties and end-of-year celebration, and a contribution towards a small teacher recognition gift from the class.  By ordering the Colt Class Pack, you take care of lots of class support all at once!

    On the Craig PTA website you can do the following things:

    • Order and pay for your child's Colt Class Pack.
    • Get your PTA membership.
    • Order spirit wear.
    • Sign up for the email list to be notified of activities and volunteer opportunities.
    • Order your child's yearbook NOW to get the best price!

     Click HERE to go to Craig's PTA website.