• Dispensing Medication Policy at Parkview

    The faculty and staff of Parkview High School is vitally interested in the health and welfare of all students. In an effort to dispense needed medications during school hours, it is important that parents/guardians provide medications in original containers with proper documentation. No medications will be given to students unless provided by parents/guardians.


    Prescription and Non-Prescription –Need to be provided in original container along with Medication Administration Form .

    Students are never to have medication in their possession while attending school. All medicines, (prescription and non-prescription) are to be kept in the clinic and administered there. Students who are in possession of medication are subject to disciplinary action as outlClip art of medinice  ined under Gwinnett County Public Schools Code of Conduct – Rule 7.

    Students will not be called out of class to take their medication. It is a student’s responsibility to visit the clinic at the prescribed time.