Mobile Apps and Online Resources

  • StudentVue


    In studentVUE find your schedule, grades, student barcode ID and more.

  • ParentVue

    Use your Parent Portal login (email) and password to log in to ParentVUE.

    You will find your student's schedule, grades, assignments, school documents, attendance and other student information.

    iOs ParentVue App

    Android ParentVue App

  • My Payments Plus

    MyPaymentsPlus is a useful way to stay on track with school payments, to acknowledge the receipt of information from the school, as well as contribute to programs that will directly impact your child this school year. This is also a great way to add money for student meals, and make payments for school-related events.

    The free MyPaymentPlus app takes parenting convenience to a whole new level by bringing you many features from the MyPaymentsPlus login website. Simplicity and security are at the heart of the MyPaymentPlus app, which parents can use to log in with their existing usernames and passwords, check their account balance, view purchase history, and make purchases, and card payments credit or direct debit. 

    Instructions to set up your account can be found HERE