• ADAPT Program Overview


    ADAPT (Assisting Developing Adults with Productive Transitions) ADAPT (Assisting Developing Adults with Productive Transitions) is a functional life skills program with an emphasis in community participation. The program is designed to teach home living skills, vocational skills, and community skills to young adults with disabilities, allowing them to maximize their independence in adulthood. Students learn domestic, vocational, community, and social skills, as well as self-advocacy. Through scaffolded (supported) learning opportunities, students are able to transfer their skills from the classroom to the community.

    Up to four days a week, students can participate in community skills outside of our building at one of 30 job or leisure sites. Within our building, we use a mock apartment with a kitchen and laundry, provide a recreation and leisure setting for social interaction, and offer a variety of vocational training opportunities. Students also may be responsible for jobs within the school building, such as shelving books in the media center or working with clerical staff.

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Assessments in ADAPT

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    We use a variety of approved assessments to measure and document student success and learning. Students in our ADAPT program have completed their academic high school credits; therefore, there are no End of Course exams, Milestones, or Gateway assessments.