• Kanoheda Student Clubs


  • A variety of clubs are offered at Kanoheda Elementary School. Our activities are sponsored by our staff. Please read the descriptions below to learn more about our clubs and activities. 

  • Gardening Club

    Gardening Club Image

    The  gardening club will start soon and involves students and volunteer parents. 

    The faculty advisor is Phoebe Jenkins. 

  • Jump Rope Team

    Jump Rope Image

    Jump Rope Team Provides an opportunity for selected students to learn basic to advanced jumping skills as they create individual routines and work with others to create partner and/or small group performances. 

    I hope to have my experienced members available early in the year (tentatively starting August 9) to perform during school events as needed for different events as they arise. 

    We plan to have two large parent events in the spring. One will be a family "Jump and Jive" tentatively planned for an evening in March, where parents may come and learn skills from their children and jump with them and leave with a Chick-Fil-A sandwich and snacks. 

    The other parent event will be in May. This will be a team performance where parents come and watch. We also plan to perform for the students during the school day.

    Additionally, I will be looking into other performance opportunities.

    The faculty advisor is Joanie Sullivan (but I hope to add other helpers).

  • Kanoheda Art Club

    Art Club Image

    Kanoheda art club will give students the opportunity to share a love of art and a passion for creating, as they express their individuality through the creation of artwork. 

    This club is for 3-5 graders. It runs from September-March on Mondays at 7:00 AM. 

    The faculty advisor is Roslyn Acosta.

  • KES Chorus

    Chorus image

    In chorus, we seek to make music through the art of singing.

    The KES Chorus meets on Tuesday mornings at 7:15 and Thursday afternoons at 3:00. We have about three performances each year. Four 5th graders are selected each year for the GCPS Elementary Honor Chorus.

    Each rehearsal we will work on our vocal development and rehearse music for our performances. Students are not expected to be perfect singers, but they are expected to try their best and contribute to the group in a positive way. We want to be a source of encouragement for our peers and support each other as we grow as musicians.

    The faculty advisor is Tobias Guzman.

  • KES Prancing Patriots

    Dance Team image

    The Prancing Patriots are for students in  grade levels 2-5. 

    The Prancing Patriots will give students the opportunity to exercise their team-building skills, gain self-confidence, and represent Kanoheda at various events on and off campus.

    The faculty advisor is Adrian Ruffin. 

  • No Place for Hate

    No Place for Hate
    I work with the No Place For Hate student committee on No Place For Hate activities.  This committee was supposed to meet four times this school year, but we have already exceeded that.  For the remaining school year, I will meet with this group on an as-needed basis.  We have two more activities, so I anticipate two more meetings.  I meet with the students during their recess period, which is from 11:30-12:00.   No specific day is scheduled.  
    I work with my 2nd and 3rd grade groups during their recess times.  I have a 2nd and 3rd grade attendance group, and I check in with them daily.  We meet once a month now because we've already completed six weeks of small group counseling.  I will start another 2nd and 3rd grade group in November.  I'll send you information on those groups once I have them established.
    2nd grade groups - 12:10
    3rd grade groups - 11:05
    The faculty advisor is Patricia Garrison

  • Readers Rally

    Readers Rally image

    We will meet on Wed. after 4th or 5th grade lunches (11:30 AM, 12:30 PM) twice a month for a quick check in. Starting in January 2024, we will meet weekly in preparation for the GCPS Reading Quiz Bowl event.

    We will read the books, practice questions, and compete with other GCPS schools at the Readers Rally event in Feb. 2024.

     The faculty advisor is Melanie Sanders. 

  • Robotics Club

    Robotics image

    Club: Robotics Club
    Times: Wednesday 3:00-4:00 pm and Friday 7:00-7:45 am
    Mission: Using LEGO Spike Prime students will design a robot to complete certain missions.  Students will understand the basics of STEM and programming. They will apply their skills on our mission while building habits of learning, confidence, and teamwork skills along the way.
    Faculty Advisiors: Sarah Berg and Paterina Causey

  • Student Council

    Student Council Meeting image

    We meet on Wednesdays. 
    KES Student Council is a community of students in grades 3-5. In our club, we will do a number of community service projects in and out of the building. We will also go to leadership conferences to learn how to better serve others.