Clubs are back!!

Mason ES Chorus (4th and 5th)

Art Club (5th Grade)

Roaring Readers Book Club (4th & 5th)

  • Are you wild about reading? Then Roaring Readers Book Club is for you! Roaring Readers promotes reading with students who read and comprehend on grade level and enjoy discussing books.
    New this year, only 20 students will be selected to participate in our book club. If you meet the below-listed criteria, get an application from Ms. Scott in the library.
    Roaring Readers must:
    • Read and comprehend on or above grade level
    • Enjoy participating in book discussions
    • Read at least 4 chapter books per month and write questions or a summary about each
    • Be available to meet every Wednesday  (September thru December)
    • Have reliable transportation for prompt 4 pm dismissal

    For 4th and 5th Grade

    Every Wednesday after school  - First Meeting Sept 15th, 2022

    Sponsor: Ms. Scott & Ms. Harris

Terra Club

  • Terra Club is open for Mason Elementary students in 5th grade that are interested in learning about environmental issues in Georgia.  The weekly meetings will provide an opportunity for students to gather together to discuss their concerns about the environment and to develop strategies (projects, activities, etc.)  as well as to enhance the school’s outdoor garden spaces.  

    Goals for the club:  

    •  increase student awareness of environmental issues and give them the ability to make a change
    •  provide opportunities for students to become directly involved in a variety of projects relating to the environment
    •  promote awareness of environmental issues and the responsibility and opportunity each of us have to make a difference.

    Sponsors:  Amy Mock & Sonja Jorgnensen

    Fee:  $15 for materials/T-Shirt

    Day:  Thursday after school from 3:15 to 4:30pm

    First Date: Sept 9th, 2022

Math Club (4th and 5th)

Student Council (4th and 5th)

Company Ran Clubs