Mr. David W. Jones

David W Jones
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Principal's Message

  • Dear Parents and Guardians,

    I hope you have had an opportunity to spend some time in our building this school year. Chances are, what you see in our classrooms is very different from the sit-and-get experience you might remember from your own school years.  We know that we are preparing our students for careers of the future…careers that might not yet exist in this increasingly competitive global environment in which we live. Be assured that your student is receiving a 21st-century education here at Mason Elementary School.

    Part of that learning is understanding the struggle that exists when we do our work each day.  I know that each day in any job there are different challenges and obstacles to overcome.  Our job as teachers and mentors is to allow the appropriate level of struggle for each student at every opportunity to learn.  For example, we learn to fall before we learn to walk.  The fall teaches us to change how to better go about trying to walk.  We adjust our efforts and fall less until we figure it out. 

    As you work with your children in their studies and in all areas of life.  Provide them the opportunity to struggle through a concept or skill. Be sure to guide them instead of doing the work for them.  We learn much more from the struggle than we would if we got it right the first time every time.  In fact, if we are getting everything correct without a struggle, we probably need a greater challenge.

    As always, thank you for the privilege of working with your children each day.  It is truly an honor that you support us and allow us the opportunity to teach each of our “Promises” of Gwinnett.


    David W. Jones

    Dr. M. H. Mason Elementary School