Mr. David W. Jones

David W Jones
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  • Greetings Mason Community,

    Last year, we experienced the “greatest comeback of all time.” We welcomed your children back from the brink of a pandemic. We accelerated students through learning loss and helped children reacclimate to The Mason Way. While progress was made, there is still plenty of work to do. The work is without question, the most important work in the world. Together, we recognize that this work touches not only your children but the generations that will follow. We recognize the impact that each interaction we have with your children matters greatly and will strive to take every opportunity to raise each child to his or her highest potential.

    Say the following out loud, “Mason Elementary, A School of Dreams.” Did you hear it? If not, say it again, “Mason Elementary, A School of Dreams.” How did it sound? What would you do to send your children to a school of dreams? If I were a child, I would love to go to the school of my dreams each day. I would be the first one up. I would be ready to go. I would not miss a day. I would have great friends. I would know that each of my teachers and the whole staff cared about me at the highest level. They would know my name and speak to me when I saw them. The staff would understand my needs as if they walked in my shoes. They would make sure that each of the students had access to the learning needed to be successful and reach full potential. Lessons would be shared that fired me up to learn more. Excellence would be a reality and not a fantasy.

    Together, we can work in a school of dreams every day. Together, we can build the school students dream of with each interaction, each lesson, each word. This does not mean that we will be perfect. It means that we are a team with a common goal, the goal of being exactly what each child needs to secure his or her future. One person cannot create a school of dreams. We, the 112 Mason Team Members, the 940 students, their families, and this community, can create this dream together. So, I ask, “Why not?” Let’s build a “School of Dreams” together. Let’s remember that “We Make It Happen!!!”

    With empathy for students, parents, and each other, we will build a school of dreams together. Striving for equity for each student, each parent, and each staff member, we will build a school of dreams together. With high levels of effectiveness, we will build a school of dreams together. With excellence, we will build a school of dreams together.

    Serving to build empathy, equity, effectiveness, and excellence for each and every student,


    David W. Jones


    Mason Elementary School