Mr. David W. Jones

David W Jones
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  • Jan 4, 2022

    Greetings Mason Lions,

    In Gwinnett County Public Schools, our mission is to pursue excellence in academic knowledge and behavior resulting in measured improvement against local, national, and world-class standards. As we face the new challenge of the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 Virus, know that the staff in GCPS holds our mission close to heart and prioritizes the importance of students being in the classroom with their teachers. We continue to work to implement mitigation strategies to keep the spread of the virus minimal. Make no mistake, this is a great challenge, but our staff is up to it. We do not know what the future will bring with the virus, but we will continue to work to bring learning into each student’s life.

    Increased knowledge brings increased opportunity. I need you to speak about that with your children. I need them to hear from each parent that education is an asset that will change each life for the better. Knowledge is gained from experience. Experience includes classroom instruction, creating solutions to relevant problems, trying and “failing” and trying until you get it right. Experiences can happen in the classroom, the home, the store, the playground, even in the car on the way to visit family.

    As the new year begins, we will speak with each grade level about appropriate behavior in school. We will examine the behavior that leads to success. At Mason we call that the Mason Way. We will review the rules in the parent/student handbook in an age-appropriate manner. We will discuss consequences and always include that consequences are meant to be a learning tool. There is a link to that document at the bottom of this letter.

    There is no doubt that the challenges continue to come. Please know that this team of educators and students is working hard to meet and exceed any challenge. Your continued support of all things at Mason is deeply appreciated.


    Student/Parent Elementary Handbook


    Yours in service,


    David W. Jones


    Mason ES